Dangers Of Penis Enlargement Surgery: Risks And Reasons To Avoid It

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Most men if not all men desire a larger dick, regardless of their current size, and even men of above average proportion will consider wanting a king-sized pecker, but it is only a select minority of men who make the extreme decision of having surgery.

The whole act of surgery, the act of subjecting your prick to a surgical process involving sharp instruments is enough to put most men off the idea of pursuing surgery, all for vain, and with additional overheads and peripheral expenses factored in, serves as further reason why most men will avoid surgery without thinking twice.

The truth is, it's not as simple as just adding an inch or two to your length, because penile lengthening surgery, which involves actual lengthening of the urethral tube, is very complex and harder to achieve, with an overall success rate that is very low, and a satisfaction rate that is even lower. Statistics show a men who have penis enlargement surgery suffer further symptoms and the group proportionally suffer higher rates of depression and sometimes even suicide.

This kind of surgery can leave the penis looking very bizarre and unnatural looking, taking on a new shape, and can also leave permanent ugly scars. The urethral lengthening procedure can also cause problems with passing urine after the surgery. Penis lengthening is not a perfect process, very complex, and has a low success rate.

The penile lengthening technique is more commonly applied to transgender men, or men who require a reconstructive surgery of some sort after some accident, and so would not usually be recommended for any other reason or more specifically just for cosmetic reasons or vanity.

In terms of penis enlargement surgery, the more commonly applied surgical procedure for penis enlargement is the fattening technique. Fattening is easier and less complex than lengthening, and involves injecting the penis with some fat taken from another part of your body, or alternatively with a filler ingredient like a silicone type substance or similar. This can fatten up your penis making it thicker but will not really lengthen it much. This is what the majority of surgical procedures for penis enlargement involve, so fattening is the usual procedure and not lengthening.

The penis is a more delicate and important organ than other areas of the body that are usually surgically enhanced, and because the penis has an important role in life and needs to function properly, the decision to surgically enhance your penis should be given more careful consideration with regard to the potential risks of permanent damage to the area to where surgery is going to be applied, in this case the penis. It is possible to be left with a permanently damaged organ following surgery which could leave it unable to function properly, could cause problems getting an erection, or even the inability to get an erection, or in the worst case scenario, which has happened, an infection of some sort such as gangrene or penis rot can infect the penis causing slow mutilation! As in the case of the Peruvian man called Enrique Milla, after contracting a gangrenous infection, from poor hygienic care post surgery, the infection eventually rotted away his penis. He sued the Miami surgery that performed the operation on him, who counter argued it was his fault for poor hygienic care post surgery. Although the surgery was for insertion of an inflatable tube to cure his erectile dysfunction, it just brings to light the true dangers of any surgery on the penis! Now you can see the risks of infection liable to opening up the flesh of the penis in surgery.

These extreme scenarios are possible, with the risks of surgery in general, so should be heeded before undergoing penis enlargement surgery. Remember the risks and possible dangers to be aware of are that your penis can be left mutilated in the extreme case, unable to work properly, or in the worse case scenario will rot away to nothing!

This is why men choose the sensible choice to pump up their size naturally i.e without surgery using the various natural non-surgical dick enlargement products available. Some men have little faith in these products but will try them anyway because they want a king-size black mamba, unlike the diehards or desperados sworn to subject their dick to surgery as it's about the only guaranteed way to inflate your dick size practically overnight shows they had little faith in other methods of penis enlargement! Surgery should only be the last resort before all other alternative methods are tried and tested. In fact, it has been proven that wearing a penis extender for 6-12 months can grow your dick up to a whopping 3 inches. If you want a bigger penis and don't want surgery, you should consider trying a good quality penis extender device.

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