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Duramale has been constituted to enable you to enjoy longer lasting lovemaking. A lot of young men ejaculate within 2 minutes of vaginal penetration, and because more than half of men in more than half of their procreative encounters ejaculate in this short amount of time, it could be considered quite normal. Yet most young men will learn to delay emergence with procreative experience, and although brief intercourse can still occur, the average length of procreative intercourse amasses to about 5 minutes.

Some men are unable to grow out of this phase, and become lifelong premature ejaculators, and always ejaculate within a minute or so of entering the love tunnel, or even during foreplay! Some women are tolerant of this, yet others are not, but it is always the man who feels the brunt of the effect, and always becomes more affected by it than the woman.

In diagnosing the problem, it will need to be made clear whether the condition of premature discharge is a complaint or a symptom. The definition of premature discharge can be summarised as the man ejaculating sooner than he wished for, and this happening consistently on almost all occasions. As a complaint, naturally most men wish to last longer, but if it is constantly recurring and less than a minute or so, then it becomes a symptom.

So What Treatments Are There For Premature Ejaculation?

There are several environmental factors that can lead to premature oozing, such as procreative inexperience, or level of arousal, or even location of the encounter. The usual treatments however, will seek to alter a physiological symptom causing the premature oozing.

  1. The preferred treatment for premature emission is the administering of an anti-depressant drug, which belongs in a class of medication called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs for short. Serotonin is an cardinal neurotransmitter in the brain, and levels of it are thought to directly influence emission processes. Patients administered with SSRIs respond well to them in treatment of this symptom.
  2. The use of a product containing any anaesthetic-type substance to dull the nerves and dumb down the sensations of the schlong. By decreasing the sensitivity of the schlong can prolong the penetration time a bit longer.

The Problems With Conventional Treatments

In order to acquire a prescription for an SSRI you will need to be assessed by your GP and it is not guaranteed you will be able to get a prescription. Even if you do manage to get a prescription for an SSRI, the use of this synthetic drug that alters your brain chemicals artificially over the long term lead to undesired side effects both psychological and physiological. The effectiveness of this treatment is counteracted by these side effects.

Using a delay spray or cream reduces the pleasures of your carnal experience and leads to less enjoyable climaxes and may also leave your weenie willie sore.

The Benefits of Duramale

Duramale feeds an alternative solution for the treatment of premature emanation that is safe, natural, and effective. The herbal formulation of Duramale is a combination of herbs used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for treatment of this symptom that has proven very effective.

In group trials on a random selection of men, after one month of using Duramale, the average retention time was 6 to 7 minutes, and after 3 months was 12 to 13 minutes!

Just think of the improvement to your lovemaking life by being able to last this long. Once you ejaculate, the whole climax fades away, and you need to wait another 20 minutes or more to get another woody, and if you can last only 2 minutes or less, this can lead to a very disrefreshing lovemaking life. Duramale will prettify your performance and enable you to enjoy a more safisfying lovemaking life, and will allow you to last the length of time to leave her satisfied for sure.

“Take Duramale for 3 months and last for 12 minutes or more”

Duramale is an all natural herbal supplement that requires no prescription, and its unique formulation means it is the best natural alternative available to traditional treatments. The formulation will not only allow you to last longer but will also prettify your libido and performance.

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Among the benefits of Duramale™ are the following:

  • Improved Sexual Performance
  • Longer Retention Times To Ejaculation
  • Ability To Last Longer For Better Sex
  • Increases Libido And Stamina
  • Progressive And Lasting Results
  • Will Enable You To Have Sex The Way You Want

“Last Long Enough For A More Satisfying Sexual Experience”

“Premature gushing fountain had always bothered me and I wanted coitus to last longer so started to try the various products available. Duramale worked for me allowing me to last much longer and coitus with my girlfriend is much more satisfying now. Thank you Duramale”

T.Hawk, MA
“I recommend Duramale to anyone who has a problem with ejaculating too soon. By being able to last more than 7 minutes has made an extreme difference to my copulation life for both me and my partner. ”

Mike C, Birmingham

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