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The man himself Ron Jeremy has been the promotional face of Extenze in the past, but does that mean you should buy it, because of the fact that he's a porn star with an extra large endowment and a hit with the ladies? Just because he's got a king size cobra in his pants? Well it's been proven that women place more importance on cock size than looks! Sorry Ron but you're ugly, and if you didn't have a big cock then you wouldn't have enjoyed porning all the women! If you want to associate Extenze with a Ron Jeremy then it speaks for itself. Ron Jeremy recommends it! Take Extenze for an extra large endowment and ability to last as long as a porn star maybe? Undoubtedly, the girls will come back for more?

I think Ron Jeremy might agree with the whole Extenze thing because obviously he's tried it himself and recommends it in his words "It gives you a WHOPPER of an orgasm". Why otherwise would you see him waving a box of Extenze in his hand at all the exclusive sexpo's exhibitions. Or maybe it was just a lookalike - a short fat man with curly dark long hair, a big nose, and a mario moustache, surely not?

Extenze is known to have been taken by some athletes, as some of the ingredients are known can enhance their performance but is still undetectable by the traditional drug testing kits, and whether they took it to enhance their performance on track or to enhance their performance off track will never be known, but anyhow, the puissant blend of ingredients will not go unnoticed after you feel the effects of Extenze kick in. In conclusion, if you want to perform like Ron Jeremy, or like a professional athlete for that matter, then take Extenze!

Product Details

Extenze is a once a day supplement containing a variety of natural ingredients known to have effects in stimulating male libido, and sexual response. Men who take Extenze enjoy enhanced erection quality and size, and increased libido and stamina. For the full benefits of this product a 3 to 4 month period of continued usage is recommended.

Extenze contains natural ingredients and substances that can really enhance your erection quality, for example, all these ingredients are used in some way to treat impotence or erectile dysfunction because they stimulate and enhance blood flow to penis. Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium) and Xanthroparmelia (a lichen) can increase NO levels in blood so are natural viagras. L-Arginine is a vasodilator so expands blood vessels and increases volume of blood into penis. Zinc and pumpkin seed will ensure abundant sperm production. Yohimbe is a powerful sexual stimulant which will increase blood flow. These are just a few of the ingredients contained in Extenze. For the full ingredient list please visit the Extenze website.

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Special Offer. Buy a 2 month package of Extenze and receive a free bottle of Extenze™ Lube! All you need to start enjoying marathon sex sessions like a Ron Jeremy - a box of Extenze and a bottle of Extenze lube!

“The Pill Ron Jeremy Uses”

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