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how do porn stars get big dicks?

Porn stars are usually selected based on their endowment and so being naturally endowed with big dicks allowed them later in life the opportunity to fuck gorgeous porn sluts. The only contradiction here is that dick size becomes more important than whether the man's ugly or not, and whether the woman thinks the man's attractive becomes less important than dick size! So in porn ugly men end up fucking gorgeous girls, and the porn slut all she wants is a bigger dong. Only about 1 in 10 men will have natural dicks of the size big enough required by porn producers - this doesn't mean you can't do porn with a small cock, but it just looks a bit funny. On the other hand, a too large a penis can also look abnormal - think horse size cock! Men crave a bigger cock (Probably women crave it more!), as having a king size phantom muff explorer like a porn star allows them to fuck a porn star slut and give her a good hard roasting. Small dicks are simply less sexually appealing and lack the audience in porn. Womens' perception of the man with a small dick is also quite derisory. Small dicks are basically less sexually appealing or exciting to the audiences who watch porn, the porn birds and porn producers need to make money! This is why there are genres of porn devoted to big cocks but none to small cocks. Women preferring king-size spitting cobras is very natural and normal. Women want men with whopping penises because they have bigger orgasms. Men with bigger penises excite and pleasure women more than men with small ones, so if you want a bigger penis you should choose one of the top products we recommend on this site. A big penis can make you into a Porn Star. Most Porn Stars are about 8 to 10 inches. It is not necessary to have a massive dick like this to do porn, but is almost a prerequirement and will also give you a better chance of satisfying a fucking hot porn slut. The percentage of men with big dicks in porn to the population as a whole is totally disproportionate, which just proves the big dick bias and you need a big dick in this industry. But do not worry if you have a small one, we recommend some products here that can help you upgrade your member size.

male enhancement cream

Penis enlargement to porn star size (8-10 inches) would involve using products like the penis extender, which can increase your size by upto 3 inches! Penis extenders are the best non-surgical natural method for penis enlargement. The extender is designed to accomplish this mission so makes it much easier for you. Surgery is too risky, expensive and less popular, this option is only explored by the brave or stupid, so do not opt for this, you might just end up making a big whole mess that you can't undo! It's so easy to try alternative natural enlargement, and trying natural penis enlargement techniques like jelqing, penis extenders, pills, and penis pumps is a breeze. Penis enlargement products like penis pumps, pills, extenders, and jelqing exercises enable natural dick enlargement that is cheaper and safer than surgery. You can upgrade your size by a couple inches in a few months using natural enlargement methods!

Porn stars like Lee Henshaw use Instant Performer to enhance their dick size, enhance their performance, and to make their rock hard throbbing gristles thundering.

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