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how do porn stars get big dicks?

Porn stars don't usually get big dicks because most were already naturally endowed with big dicks which allowed them later in life the chance to fuck gorgeous porn sluts. The only anomaly here is that their dick size becomes more important than whether they're ugly or not, for example, take Ron Jeremy, quite ugly, but big dick. Sex craved women get to a point to disregard the man's attractive and just want dick size in the same way a man who just wants sex ignores looks! So in porn ugly men end up dogging gorgeous girls, and the porn slut all she wants is a bigger dong.

If you want a bigger penis you should choose one of the products we recommend throughout this site, for example, by pump, use the Bathmate for 3 months, or by extender, use the Size Genetics for 4 months, doing so you will increase your size by 1 inch! Some Porn Stars may have used these types of products to grow an extra inch. Remember though, the percentage proportion of men with big dicks in porn to the general population as a whole is disproportionate, which just proves there is a dick size discrimination in the porn industry.

To grow without having surgery, you may need to use products like the penis extenders, which can increase your size by upto 3 inches! Penis extenders are considered the best non-surgical method for penis enlargement. The extender is specifically designed to accomplish this mission to make it easier for you. Surgery is just too risky, expensive and nasty, this option is only explored by the brave or stupid, you might just end up making a big whole mess that you can't undo! It's so easy to try alternative natural enlargement, and trying natural penis enlargement techniques like jelqing, penis extenders, pills, and penis pumps is a breeze.

male enhancement cream

Porn stars like Lee Henshaw use Instant Performer to enhance their dick size, enhance their performance, and to make their rock hard throbbing gristles thundering. This penis cream contains volufiline, the same ingredient used in lip plumpers, so can plump up your penis size making it slightly bigger! Lee Henshaw is a real porn star who uses Instant Peformer, he claims it works faster than viagra!


Some people say using a penis pump every other day for 4 months will increase your penis size naturally. We recommend the Bathmate, because it employs a unique one-handed mechanism, and it's also waterproof, and can be used in the shower or bath with water. A penis pump maximizes your erection size to the extreme, and doing this often will slowly stretch your penis muscles allowing them to expand more to accomodate increased volume of blood, thereby having a bigger penis.

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