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Penis Pumps

penis pump

A penis pump is essentially a sex toy, sold by adult toy retailers. The original penis pump was a clunky large mechanism with a motorized air pump originally used as a device to help men with erectile difficulties, also known as ED or Erectile Dysfunction. What a lot of people don't know though, is that a penis pump is one of the best and easiest ways to grow a bigger penis too! Using a penis pump for 15 minutes a day for a month will guarantee you will have a bigger penis.

How Does a Penis Pump Work


The standard penis pumps consist of the usual plastic cylindrical tube which is placed over the penis and has a seal on the bottom to make the chamber air tight. A pump is attached to the top of the chamber connected by a rubber tube, which you use to pump the air out of the chamber. This action causes a vacuum effect sucking blood into your penis causing it to become erect.

The penis pump was primarily for the purpose of helping men who had difficulty getting erections - a symptom know as ED. The original devices from the 1960s looked ugly, clunky, large and some even had whirring small electric motors to do the suction work instead of the hand held pumps to see today, and were also quite large and bulky too. The modern mass market adaptations, however, are much more slimline, more visually appealing, compact, portable and easier to use. The latest pumps, are sleek, sexy, and slimline, in order to appeal to the mass market male consumer. After all, who would want an ugly looking bulky glass contraption with an electric pump attached to it, looking like something out of a science lab?

Introducing The Bath Mate

The pioneer in this field, is the company called Bathmate, who were first to market and patent a new design of pump that employed a one-handed pumping mechanism, without having an external hand pump attached to the chamber. This made the use of the pump much easier than the old style pumps which needed both hands to use - one to support the chamber upright, while you used your other hand to pump. You only need one hand to use the Bathmate, and with it's coloful array and slimline design, they are sexy too!

“Pump Your Penis 20% Longer and 30% Fatter With BathMate™”

One Handed Pumping Mechanism

The Bathmate™ is the new design pump, and others are following suit. The ease of use of the Bathmate, its attractive design, and its waterproofness, are its unique selling points and makes it the best pump available on the market.

“Easy To Use One Handed Mechanism and Waterproof Too!™”


Penis Pumps Make Your Erections Fatter

A penis pump can be used by men to get bigger longer lasting erections. All it takes is a few pumps and a couple of minutes to transform your limp willy to a hard willy. The penis is inserted into the air-tight chamber and by pumping the air out you can pump your erection to full maximum capacity until the veins of your penis start bulging out if you so desire! A pump will bulge out your erection to full capacity - as fat and big as can possibly get! By using a pump regularly you can grow your penis upto 20% longer and 30% fatter.

“Regular use of a penis pump will increase your penis size permanently!”

It has been reported that regular use of a penis pump, pumping your dick to full capacity will slowly expand your penis capacity and the volume of blood it can contain, so with regular daily use, a natural and gradual increase in your penis capacity and size can be achieved by expanding the capacity of the tissues in the penis allowing for more blood to fill the penis during erections. Using a penis pump like the Bathmate every day for 1 month is guaranteed to increase your penis size!


The Bathmate™ company has now released the second generation of pumps called the Hydromax X30, which is claimed to be 35% more efficient than the previous design. All Bathmate pumps have been designed to be used in the shower or bath with ease, so you can pump using water.

Recommended Penis Pump

We recommend the Bathmate Penis Pump as it is an excellent penis pump, it is well designed with durable plastic chamber, it is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath, using air and water. It also employs an easy to use one handed pump mechanism due to its original design which beats the pants off other pumps that require both hands to use.