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What Do Porn Stars use To Get An Erection And Stay Hard?

erection oil

It's not possible to be a successful porn star if you can't get a raging hard erect cock when it's expected of you. The truth is, that with people surrounding and watching you, most noobies to the scene just can't get a raging hard erect penis when they need it most! This is when you need the help of an instant erection cream called Instant Perfomer! As it's name implies, it works instantly, even more rapidly than your blue pill. It's freezing cold, your dick's limp, so just warm it up with some lube like Instant Performer, which is what porn star Lee Henshaw does, and witness a rock hard raging hot boner come bulging out your trousers, just gagging to be inserted into her wet Prawnsville! But hey, who needs to be a porn star to use Instant Performer? Anyone can use this product in even the most discreet of situations!

The ability to stay hard is crucially the most important asset for a porn star. Unsurprisingly, the inability to hold it up long enough is a miserable experience for many. The secret to giving her orgasmic-carnal-pleasure is to stay hard for long enough. As crucial as rooster-size alone, the stiffness, is what matters most, so staying hard for long enough to give her orgasm is crucial because women take longer to orgasm. Waiting times are a thing of the past for Porn Star Lee Henshaw, with the help of this favourite product of his called Instant Performer, he whacks this penis gel onto his pecker for an instant Boner and a half. Naturally mammoth boner with cream for successful porn stars is synonymous with the boner cream called Instant Performer used by porn star Lee Henshaw.

Want To Last 10x Longer?

The popular choice among many Porn Stars is to slip the blue pill (a.k.a Viagra) and wait 20 minutes for the effects to kick in. Maybe even have a coworker on scene (she-slut) to work her hands on you and grease up your cock. If this is ineffective for you then penis cream is your next best option. Whereas the pill takes 20 minutes or longer to kick in, wait less than 2 minutes to your surprise, as you feel this effective product working wonders on your man stick. Your pecker will soon be standing rigid throbbing with delight in under 2 minutes!

Say good bye to your blue pill, and say hello to this cheaper more effective, natural stiffness cream. Give your love shaft longer-lasting rock-hard erections enough to satisfy any s-lutt. The natural and highly effective ingredients absorb through the derma on application, going to work to stimulate the love shaft, which precipitates the emergence of a king-proportion erect phallus. At the end of the day, there is nothing quite like it, as long as it works, is all that matters, without the need to swallow a pill, wait and digest, This cream used by a real porn star is fast, effective and convenient. Just ask Lee Henshaw porn star who is the face of Instant Performer and admits to using it himself!

Limp porn star performance is a thing of the past for the ones who use Instant Performer. No longer is there the need to use a pump or slip a blue pill. If you want to make your dick rock hard almost instantly, throbbing erect and gagging to be inserted into her wet Prawnsville, then this hard-on cream will instantly develop blood circulation and help you enjoy harder solid performance. What makes this product even more effective and versatile is that it also provides lubrication and sensational glide. For great sex you need stiffness and lubrication and this product will provide both!

Real Porn Star Lee Henshaw promotes this Marquis-de-Sade cream called Instant Performer, he endorses with might. This is his secret to getting an erection when he pleases. Massage this cream onto your love stick and feel the effects stimulate your cock. Feel the potentness relax the penis muscles, and expand the blood vessels, and feel increased blood flow rush into your phallus and witness a bulging erection unfold. Now experience enormous harder erections on demand!

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