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what is the fastest way to get enormous penis?

If you are using a natural non-surgical method for dick enlargement, then you will need to be patient, and wait a few weeks or months for any sizeable difference.

Most men aren't successful when trying to grow their penis using these methods, because they try it for only a few weeks, and then they run out of patience or motivation, and usually just give up with the minimal results. The requirement for success in enlarging your cock measurement, is you have to do it for more than just a few weeks, it takes at least a few months of consistent effort. Most manufactureres of penis extenders would recommend a minimum of 3 months for any noticeable size difference. If you apply the method(s) you've chosen consistently for at least 6-8 weeks, you should definitely see some marked improvement in measurement and performance. It simply boils down to the longer you do it, the larger the gains. So it's quite easy to gain a half-inch after only 2 or 3 weeks, but to gain more it takes a bit longer and a bit more dedication.

“Most men who want to stretch their black mamba try a method for 2 or 3 weeks, without much of a gain, then blame the method for not working!”

The fastest way to get a mammoth pecker is applying your chosen method consistently for at least 8-12 weeks, it takes a good few weeks for new muscles in your dick to regrow, so you really can't speed up a natural process any much faster, but just be a bit more patient. It really is not possible to grow your dick faster than the natural growth rate of new cells, It will take about only 2 weeks to grow it a ½ inch longer if you use this proven penis extender, and after a month it might be about ¾ inch bigger, and after 2 months about an inch longer and fatter.

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