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Do Porn Stars Use Supplements Or Pills?

What is the secret of a porn star cock size and performance? The Porn Star's seemingly superior stamina and performance can be attributed to a select few artificial enhancers. Most men will just not naturally be able to last long enough, without the aid of these artificial enhancer pills or creams. Naturally men all desire a porn star's cock size to give the s-lutt a good hard roasting. Unless born with a jumbo size rooster, 95% of men just do not measure up!

Women ultimately find dick size becomes paramount in order to get satisfaction, so most porn starsluts have a longing for a whopping 9 incher. Another important attribute other than dick size is the performance. Being able to stay hard for long, is also important for a porn star, because girls want the penetration to last longer than most men would care for. If you want to increase your dick size and last longer by using these same products the porn stars use then we suggest you consider some of the products we recommend below. Yes you too can use artificial enhancement to satisfy her craving. If your erections go limp in short-lived seconds, this can be fixed too with the help of products like Instant Performer. This specially formulated dick cream, though not a supplement, but better, will help you stay hard for 20 or 30 minutes for a true porn star performance.

The quick solution to solve both problems of size and performance by taking this extraordinary boner enhancing product will not only help with bigger and firmer erections, but is proven to help you last longer. Now after applying this, you'll be able to thrust her for 20 or 30 minutes until she can't take no more! This gives you the freedom to give her sex in as many different positions you like before you cum, like a true Porn Star! This will be the greatest improvement you can make to your sex life, and it will not be possible without the enhancers, unless you can already last 30 minutes which is unlikely! You will soon be slapping your gargantuan cock in the slut's kipper cave, making her climax with delight until she can't take no more.

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She will appreciate your enhanced performance and size, and size will be an added treat for her satisfaction. And you will be equipped with the stamina ultimately to satisfy her good and proper. Porn stars have to cheat and use these artificial enhancers to boost performance and size, for example viagra is a popular choice to stay hard for longer, or if not available then a product like Instant Performer works much faster and is non-digestible and will help you last longer. Instant Performer is safer and works faster than Viagra which is why Porn Stars prefer using Instant Performer, for example Lee Henshaw.

To give her body shaking orgasms and you want to enhance your sex life to the next level, you should use Instant Performer which guarantees you'll be pumping her all night long with rock hard passion.

Discover these amazing supplements, that enhance your dick size and help you last longer.

So you want a real product used by a real porn star? For a big fat throbbing Love Shaft, and for silky glide, as porn stars make use of an abundance of lube, you will also need Instant Performer. Slap this dick oil on to stimulate an erection in 40 seconds and for increased silky glide and pleasure. Lubrication you will find becomes increasingly important for pleasurable sex, most prefer it slippery not dry!

Products like InstantPerformer, help men achieve truly erect king-size stiffies which just won't be possible without the help of these products. And with this king-size love shaft you will then be able to thrust her silly until she can't take no more!

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