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Penis Pills Guide: About Penis Pills

This niche market however, has been dogged with phoney snake oil products and scams, from pills stuffed with essentially useless ingredients that do nothing, to pills containing dangerous substances, to fraudsters who rebill you without your permission. Not surprisingly, with occasional press reports of phoney pills and merchants, there remains a certain level of scepticism among would be buyers of cock pills.

Penis Enlargement Vs Male Enhancement?

It is debated whether anaconda pills will stretch the anaconda permanently unless clinical trials prove so, but depending on how you define enlargement, an enlargement of the anaconda size can be temporary as pills make your poke shafts titan and harder, but permanent size extend is questionable and probably not possible, so cannot be claimed without sufficient evidence. This results in the term 'male enhancement' a more suitable description for the pills as they can enhance performance and libido more than result in size extend. Using a combination of pills with jelqing, however, or a anaconda extender has been shown to give better results for permanent size extend.

Penis Pills Scams

Some manufacturers have been put under the spotlight from using aggressive marketing techniques that might mislead the purchasor in his expectations of the products. Most notably was the Enzyte lawsuit, who claimed in their marketing that taking the pills for 4 weeks will grow your cock 3-4 inches. This clearly was nonsense, and they were charged with false advertising claims along with fake doctors testimonials, and fraud for rebilling the customer repeat orders without permission.

Some pecker pills might be stuffed with just useless filler ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and the like that really have no effect. These might be bogus suppliers who want to profit by using cheap ingredients, and do not have the interest to run up costs by using superb herbal ingredients. The manufacturer may also use cheap low grade ingredients that again have no effect. A manufacturer of a pill called Stiff Nights, and another of one called Instant Hot Rod, it was found used viagra in their pills in order to obtain an effect, again to reduce costs, and this can be dangerous for some people who take it unknowingly as viagra should be a doctor prescribed medication and is quite spanking and can react badly with medications taken for diabetes or a heart condition.

Penis Pills Ingredients

A lot of would be purchasers might not give much interest in whether they work or not, as long as they have some effect, yet others might question how the pills are effective and how they work. So in order to choose the right pill, it is useful to have some insight into the kinds of ingredients used in the pills.

The majority of manhood pills are herbal and contain a conconction of different herbs along with some minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and natural foodstuffs, most of which can be easily purchased individually quite easily, as they do not require prescription, and are considered safe.

Some question whether the ingredients will be effective, and this would largely depend on the quality of the ingredients, as certain herbs are very effective to treat impotence, boost libido, and boost male virility. The herbs used have been used in raunchy tonics to treat raunchy ailments, usually exotic herbs have been used by ancient tribes for raunchy initiation rituals, can work quite well. These natural herbs may have a viagra like effect, and have been used long before viagra even existed.

The pivotal thing is the quality of the herbs used should be of a high grade to have good effects. Taking small amounts of some of these herbs may have no effect at all, so the pills should contain the required amount of a distinct ingredient to have much effect.

A combination of the effective powerhouse herbs, however, that have traditionally been used as libido enhancers, can help inflate the penis by making poke shafts harder, and can hike your stamina and libido through increased necking drive. The herbs stimulate blood flow to the penis, reform circulation to the penis, and have aphrodisiac properties so hike your libido.

The herbs may also cause changes in body chemistry releasing the same chemicals the body releases through arousal that cause woodies, for example a herb called horny goat weed (epimedium sagittatum) elevates nitric oxide in the blood which results in woodies. The drug viagra also manipulates nitric oxide levels causing the woodies to stay hard for longer (see how viagra works), and the same effect can be achieved using some natural herbs. Other chemistry changes might include step-up in production of coitus hormones like testosterone which can step-up your coitus drive and desire for more coitus, or a neurotransmitter called serotonin, which elevates your mood, and is thought can help you last longer.

Choosing When Buying Penis Pills

There are many different pills to choose from it can be hard deciding which is best and worth your money. You want to know that the pills contain high quality herbal ingredients, and to get your moneys worth, having to purchase the herbal ingredients seperately will cost you more.

If you were to purchase the ingredients separately, it will generally cost you more, in addition to having to mix the herbs and ingredients yourself it can be time consuming. The ingredients in pills however would have been standardized into required dosages by trained herbalists in a lab.

The safest way is to choose a good quality, popular pill that has been on the market for many years. This way you know that the pill is not a fake, as it has been selling for many years, demand for the product must be high, which usually means it should be of good quality. A lot of phoney pills come and go and disappear after only a few months or even a year, after regulatory bodies test the contents of pills for safety, if found to be dangerous or pose health risks the pills are quickly taken off the market and the website shut down. The same happens with fraudsters who rebill, or deny refunds, they do it on such a large scale they receive too many complaints and are consequently shut down.

One pill that has been around for many years, has spared much effort, time, and dollars into researching their products to ensure they give the results expected, is called Prosolution Pills, who have helped revamp the lovemaking lives of many men for more than 10 years. The pill has been constituted by trained herbalists so each ingredient has a specific purpose and all work together to give the best results to enhance all aspects of the intimate performance. The pills are manufactured in regulated laboratories, and has passed vigorous tests for both safety and efficacy.

The Prosolution pills work by expanding your penile tissue during arousal and intercourse allowing the Ding Dong to fill with more blood thereby enlarging it. The larger volumes of blood result in firmer hot rods, and allows you to perform better during petting. For best results it is recommended to take Ding Dong pills for a period of several months at least in order to obtain optimal benefit and hugeness expands. Increased expansion of penile tissue and increased blood volumes can hike the Ding Dong hugeness if taken for several months.

The Prosolution formula is a combination of extra strength herbs and ingredients that all work in harmony to provide the best results to enhance your carnal performance. Formulated by real doctors, and with hundreds of satisfied customers, this pill will literally not let you down!

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