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Adrian Carter Blames The Manufacturer of Virilis Pro For The Penis Fracture He Endured During Motel Romp


Adrian Carter, a 29 year old man from Texas, bought a 2 pack of a male enhancement pill called Virilis Pro from a gas station before enjoying a romp in a motel room with his girlfriend. In the middle of his romp, he got the shock of his life and a nasty one, when he unexpectedly started shooting blood out of his pecker which he said went all over the sheets, mirrors, and walls.

Adrian Carter had experienced a cock fracture, which occurs with a sudden bending or impact causing an erect cock to buckle over and snap. The usual cause of this is rough fornication, or an awkward smutty position, and commonly occurs with the woman-on-top position and the cock hitting a pelvic bone with the weight of the woman going down.

A pecker fracture can tear the ligaments surrounding the corpora cavernosa, and can dislodge the urethra, causing swelling and bleeding, and is a medical emergency. Adrian Carter was taken to an emergency room, where doctors had to perform surgery on his pecker.

He tried to sue the manufacturers of the pill claiming it was their fault, but expert urologists said dick fractures rarely are the result of a drug or herbal pill alone. If the pills made his dick rock hard will make him prone to cause dick fracture if he engages in rough fornication or awkward arousing positions. His accusation and blaming the pill was no doubt a feeble attempt to milk out some financial gain from the ordeal.

Source: http://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/texas-man-male-enhancement-supplement-suffered-significant-pain-lawsuit-claims-article-1.1148712