Natural Penis Enlargement Benefits Over Surgery: Reasons You Should Choose Natural Enlargement Over Surgery

Having surgery is the option some men decide to increase their penis size. There are, however, alternative more natural and safer options available. The surgical option will increase your penis size virtually overnight, with a few days healing period, but nevertheless, surgery is high risk, and more prone to damage of the penis, that can inevitably leave your penis unable to function properly. It would be advised to know all the risks and gather as much information as you can before having surgery, as this is not something you want to jump into headfirst without contemplating the possible negative outcomes and scenarios. For instance, if you knew that only about half of men who have surgery are able to perform satisfactorily after the operation, you might think this is too high a risk, and you might change your mind. Another deterrant is about a quarter of men who have surgery will as a result suffer one or more serious complications post surgery, that can lead to the penis being unable to function properly! Another high statistical risk.

There are many risks from having penis enlargement surgery, and these include: permanent damage to your penis rendering it useless or causing it to function abnormally; there is possibility of disrupted blood flow to the penis and possible haematoma (blood clots); severed nerves so that erections no longer work properly; there is also the risk of infection which can kill off penis tissue or rot away the penis.

The satisfaction rate among men who have surgery is statistically quite low post operation, with most men feeling dissatisfied with either the aesthetic look of the penis after surgery, such as the shape or curvature the penis reformed after healing. Some men encounter problems in the way it functions, such as reduced blood flow causing erections to become limper, or erections pointing at awkward angles, or trouble getting or maintaining erections, or not even able to get erections all! Problems urinating or uncontrollably dribbling urine can occur post surgery. This is why surgery should not be jumped into, as it is something that can potentially go wrong, and is high risk, and so be deeply regretted later on after you've parted with a large amount of money. Penis enlargement surgery should not be used to enhance your penis for cosmetic reasons,or vanity, in the same way as breast enhancement, as surgery on the penis is more prone to risk and the penis is a more important and complex organ than the breasts, and needs to function properly in order to live a content life.

Surgery involves fattening or lengthening or both but is mostly just fattening. It should be realised that the lengthening procedure is very complicated and complex, not easily done, and is more high risk than the fattening. Most operations undertaken, are a fattening procedure, that involves injecting fat or a silicone substance into the penis thereby increasing its girth. The substance used has been known to slowly dissolve away over time so may not be permanent. The lengthening procedure requires lengthening of the urethra (the central tube from which semen and urine is discharged) and is the most complex and high risk. Lengthening surgery can cause complications with urination post surgery, and the shape of the penis can also take on an unnatural and ugly form. Most lengthening procedures involve female to male transgender operations, and for emergencies where the penis might have been mutilated in an accident, but rarely is this type of operation done for cosmetic reasons or vanity. Statistics show the satisfaction rate among patients who have penis enlargemnet surgery is very low, and can have tragic consequences.

Before considering having penis enlargement surgery, all men should consider, and at least try all the alternative options of natural enlargement methods that are available to see if it at least works, and if they are satisfied with the results. Using natural enlargement methods has given some satisfactory results, for some men, if applied for long enough. It is at least worth trying all the other known natural methods before paying several thousand dollars for surgery, because they only a couple hundred dollars or less!

Using a natural enlargement method usually takes a long time, be prepared to wait a couple months just to grow an inch, and this time consuming nature of applying these methods is why most men will give up after a few weeks.

After using this device for a few months your penis will be at least an inch longer and also much fatter. All it requires is a bit of dedication, patience and consistent application of the method daily on your part. A traction device should be worn for a few hours each day, at a convenient time like when you're couching on the sofa, watching television during the evening.

Consider that even if using natural enlargement methods takes a long time, it is much safer than having penis enlargement surgery, and costs a fraction of the price, so all these methods are worth a try before considering even having or paying for surgery.

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