Penis Extenders

A penis extender remains the most effective natural method for men who wish to increase their penis size permanently. The proper technical name for the penis extender is the traction device. The idea was to use traction technology in order to enlarge the penis. Traction in it's medical jargon is a term meaning to straighten and lengthen out body parts. The wearing of a penis extender involves fitting this mechanism around the penis to gently stretch it thus causing cell division.

The penis extender is designed to comfortably fit around the penis and makes use of traction technology. The process of gentle stretching while worn, enlarges, lengthens and straightens the penis permanently. The penis extender is designed in a way that it can be worn around the penis, and is made of a rubber or plastic ring-sheath connected to a retractable rod that is tightened to fix the penis in place.

The length of time before results are seen are counted in the months rather than weeks, because this is usually how long it takes for the body to respond in the building of new cells.

The gradual gentle stretching of the penis muscle tissues by the penis extender triggers a process known as cell division. The medical term is cytokinesis and is what happens when new tissue forms. The gentle stretching of the penis muscles by the extender will help new tissue growth which results in permanent penis enlargement.

A penis extender may be the only way to enlarge your penis bigger without surgery, other methods are doubtful. Manufacturers of traction devices claim this is the only way you can increase your penis size without having surgery, and wearing a traction device you can increase your penis size as much as 3 inches if worn for the recommended time frame. The recommended time frame is usually said that 6 months will result in significant growth. This would involve the man wearing the penis extender every day, but is not necessary to wear all day long but between 4-6 hours per day is sufficient. The length of time the man wears it for is optional, but quicker results are gained by wearing it for longer each day.

So what do extenders cost?

There are a good choice of penis extenders to choose from on the market, more than a dozen different manufacturers of penis extenders gives you a wide choice of different brands and manufacturers. The price however, can vary quite a lot, by as much as $400-$600 difference! The more expensive ones are sold as packages with some extra goodies thrown in like free bottles of male enhancement supplements, ebooks and other stuff to make up for the extra cost. Most penis extender packages that include supplements will cost you in the region of $250-$400 but can be as high as $600. Some manufacturers offer just a penis extender device, not in a package with the extra goodies, so might retail for less somewhere in the region between $100-$200 depending on who you buy from.

The Pro Extender is a middling priced product and device capable of enlarging your penis for the fraction the price of having surgery. The device only Proextender System is quite expensive at $299.95. For the more affluent shopper the ridiculously priced Platinum plated Jes Extender probably the most expensive penis extender on the planet will set you back a cool $1,399!

Which Should I Use Pills Or Extender?