Best Way For Bigger Ejaculations?

geyser eruption

Like a geyser bursting to the rim on the verge of erupting a violent jet of pressurized water, the millions of semen produced by the human body every day builds up in the reserves of your testicles awaiting its chance to be released so it can embark on the treacherous journey through the cavernous pink tunnel in vain to conquer the patient ova waiting expectantly at the end. If the release is not initiated frequently, the storage of billions of sperm inside the testicles builds up until the pressure is too high to contain, and if not released manually may just end up being expelled in a mess of a nocturnal emission.

Any man can attest to the fact that his best orgasms were accompanied by the biggest ejaculations. The ejaculation is the apex of the orgasm, the heightened pinnacle and zenith of the climax and it is this short lived pleasure that man is tempted to. This is why men search in vain for products called ejaculation pills so they can shoot out the biggest ejaculations possible. Ejaculation pills (also called cum pills, orgasm pills, or volume pills), are specially formulated herbal supplements that contain nutrients to beef up your testicles and put your sperm production into overdrive. Whenever your testicles are brimming with superfluent sperm begging to be released, you will end up feeling very horny indeed. Just take the ejaculation pill called Semenax every day, and your testicles will become twice the size, and you'll be able to shoot out cupfuls of the gooey white substance multiple times a day. The effect of increased sperm production will be the need to unleash your load more times during a day than you can currently handle. Increasing your sperm production will therefore increase your libido and sex drive.

If you want gushing fountains of bigger ejaculations we recommend you try some volume pills like Semenax. This specially formulated herbal supplement was made to intensify the male orgasm, and this is achieved by making you produce copious amounts of the sticky white substance we call sperm! So if your empty sagging testicles are accompanied with low sex drive, low ejaculation volume and uninspiring orgasms, daily dose of these ejaculation pills will surely enable you to achieve bigger ejaculations and to jack up your orgasmic pleasure.

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