It Is Vital To Ensure a Healthy And Hardy Blood Flow To Penis

It's essential that the penis receives and is able to be supplied with a robust blood supply at all times. Blood is vital as it feeds oxygen and carries nutrients around to the various parts of the body and organs including penis and enables them to function. Poor blood flow to penis or no blood flow kills muscle cells including penis muscles if blood flow were to be shut off.

The Anatomy of a Penis

anatomy of a penis

The urethra is a tube that runs down the central part of the penis enclosed by the corpora spongiosum, and this is the tube from where the urine and ejaculation fluid is discharged. On either side of the urethra, two soft spongy tissues called the corpora cavernosa, inflate and fill with blood during an arousal. The corpora cavernosa must be in a relaxed state to allow them to fill with blood which causes them to expand and swell up the penis. It is the muscles relaxing that allow increased blood flow to penis, not blood flow being pumped into and making it bigger. The use of certain muscle relaxing drugs injected directly into these tissues will cause erections to occur. Muscle relaxation causes blood to flow to penis. Upon arousal, chemical signals are released by the brain which triggers action stimulating an erection to occur. The signals unleash chemicals which persuades more blood to flow to penis. The chemical process that produces an erection is quite complicated and occurs in several stages, where nitric oxide is the cardinal element that triggers the process that causes more blood to flow to penis. During the erection, an enzyme called PDE5 is released simultaneously, which effectively breaks down the nitric oxide and ultimately causes the erection to become limp again when nitric oxide levels subside again. There are two ways to keep the erection harder for longer: either increase levels of nitric oxide, or inhibit PDE5 the enzyme responsible for breaking down nitric oxide, either way the erection remains harder for longer.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be mild or severe, and most men will probably experience it at some point during their life. It tends to be more frequent as the man ages when blood vessels become stiffer inhibiting a hardy blood flow. This is mainly a physiological response and change in hormones, and naturally, while still fertile and young, the man will experience a lot more erections and be able to get them with ease, but this starts to wane with age.

A lot of erectile dysfunctions are believed can be caused by heart problems or diabetes, which both have a direct impact on your blood circulation, and hence poor blood flow to penis. Other reasons might be damaged nerves, that send signals to release the erection inducing chemicals. If the problem is severe, like nerve damage, or a physiological symptom, the man would have a problem even getting an erection. The milder form which would be more common is when erections are less hard and go limp quickly. The key to having and getting hard erections is all down to supply of blood to the penis, and by being able to maximize the supply of blood to the penis during arousal will make your erections humongous and harder for longer.

Vasodilators and Vasoconstrictors

Blood flow to the penis can be affected by how much your arteries can expand. The more the arteries can expand or are expanded, the greater the supply of blood to the penis. Hardening of the arteries occurs naturally with age, due to build up of fatty deposits on the artery walls. This can restrict blood flow due to stiffer arteries.

The substances that cause arteries to dilate are called vasodilators. Common natural vasodilators used in male enhancement pills are nitric oxide, and l-arginine. And for naturally occuring vasodilators, foodstuffs that have a high antioxidant content will also help improve blood flow to penis, and perk up circulation to your penis.

The substances that cause blood vessels on the other hand, to constrict, are called vasocontrictors. Nearly all stimulant-like drugs cause vasocontriction, like nicotine or caffeine, for example is common, most illegal drugs especially amphetamines, will all tighten your arteries and restrict blood flow and circulation including blood flow to penis, and other parts of the body.

Other precipitates such as high blood pressure (can occur from eating too much salt) causing a tightening of blood vessels, a symptom of constricted blood vessels, and build up of arterial plaque, will also prevent full expansion potential of blood vessels and restrict blood flow to penis.

Using Natural Vasodilators To Increase Blood Flow To Penis

If your full on salutes are limp and have become less frequent, the steps you can do for immense full on erections will be to use natural vasodilators, to help relax penis muscles, dilate and expand arteries to develop improved blood flow to penis and boost supply of blood to the penis during an arousal. Eating a lot of antioxidant rich foods good for sexual health may help improve circulation and strengthen blood vessels for better blood flow to penis, but nowhere will these be as good or powerful than taking vasodilators like the herbs found in male enhancement supplements like Vigrx Plus.