Are Penis Enlargement Pills Dangerous?

You might have heard or read stories about how penis enlargement pills can be dangerous, without fully knowing what the dangers are or how it could affect you. So here we will make it clear what the exact dangers are when it comes to penis enlargement drugs and supplements.

The FDA have recalled a number of male enhancement supplements over the years that claimed to be dietary supplements or all natural ingredients, but actually found contained hidden drug ingredients, usually Viagra or sildenafil the proper name of the drug, or certain derivatives of this drug that have similar effects. So what does Viagra do to the body? It expands blood vessels allowing for greater flow of blood. This is not really a problem for most people who take Viagra. The increased blood flow will make their erections firmer and bigger. What the FDA is concerned about is the interaction of Viagra with certain other medications known to have undesirable effects when interacted with Viagra. The problem is when a male enhancement supplement contains undeclared Viagra or similar substances and the person uses the supplement unaware of the hidden ingredients. The certain medications that interact with Viagra in a bad way are those prescription drugs that contain nitrites. Common prescription drugs containing nitrites are taken by those who have heart conditions or diabetes. These drugs and the nitrite also expands blood vessels to allow for better blood flow to the heart. By taking Viagra which also expands blood vessels could end up expanding the blood vessels too much by doubling the effect the medications taken already have, with the result of too much expansion can result in dangerously low blood pressure.

So the only way male enhancement supplements can be dangerous is if both of these are true:

(i) You currently take medications that contain nitrites
(ii)You take a male enhancement supplement containing undeclared Viagra or a similar substance

If you are currently taking medications that contain nitrites maybe you should avoid taking male enhancement supplements.

Here is a list of supplements recently recalled by the FDA because they contained undeclared Viagra (sildenafil) or other similar drugs. Although the list might not be of any use now because it is unlikely you will be able to buy these brands, as the FDA would promptly shut down their production and distribution, you can see here the long list of pills that regularly appear on the market: Happy Passengers, Zhansheng Weige Chaoyue Xilishi, Triple PowerZEN Gold ,Samurai-X, Black Storm, Herbal Vigor Quick Fix, Arize, Gold Vigra, Miraculous Evil Root, Zhen Gong Fu, GoldReallas,Full Throttle On Demand, 3 Hard Knights, Dick’s Hard Up, Eyeful, Liu Bian Li, MV5 Days, S.W.A.G, Weekend Warrior, Bali Mojo, JINQIANGBUDOR Red Dragon, Vimax, Tiger King, SexRx, Best Whips, Alpha Male, Vitalikor Fast Acting, Xzen XPress, Xzen Gold, Wood-E, XZone Premium, XZen 1200, Clalis, Exten 1300, MVP Mega, MaxTreme Zen, Silver sword, Royal Dragon Herbal Tonic Balls, Reload, Get It Up, Super Cheetah, Cave Diver, Mojo Risen, Nights to Remember, X Zen Platinum, Lightning ROD, Bullet Proof, Vicerex, Sex Plus, Zoom-Zooma-Zoom, AFFIRM XL, Love Rider, Ninja Mojo, Stiff Days, Libido Sexual Enhancer, Rock-It Man, Kaboom Action Strips, Mojo Nights, EreXite, VMaxx Rx, Boost — Ultra Sexual Enhancement Formula, Firminite, Instant Hard Rod, ZenMaxx, RigiRx Plus, X-Rock, African Black Ant, Stree Overlord, France T253, Hard Ten Days, Man King, ViaXtreme, Black Ant

The only one from above that are still operating at time of writing is Vimax, but that is because they've changed their formula and ingredients. Other brands that have changed their formula but still operating include: rock hard weekend, with reports from users that the new formula is no way as good as before, and even ineffective seems to contradict the whole point of selling a supplement that works! Duh! It was good before because it contained viagra maybe? If you do indeed suffer from erectile dysfunction, maybe you should just visit your doctor and try obtain a subscription for Viagra.

So what benefits are there to substituting a male enhancement supplement with Viagra?

Pros/ConsViagraMale Enhancement Supplement
PriceViagra if taken frequently will cost more.A months supply is about the price of 3 or 5 viagra
Erectile DysfunctionYes, specifically treats itClaims to
Premature EjaculationNo effectCertain supplements hold claims
Sex Drive/LibidoNo effectcommon herbs used are known to
Side EffectsA lot - nausea, muscle pain, blurred vision, indigestionsome but usually less, maybe none depending on herbs used

The main advantage of the male enhancement supplement is a course of herbs taken daily over a longer period to have a more lasting and permanent effect than a temporary Viagra boost which last only for 2 or 3 hours. Certain supplements use herbal formula with claims that it can help you last longer. Most herbs used in supplements are also known sexual stimulants and aphrodisiacs so will increase your sex drive, libido, and even your semen volume. A course of male enhancement supplements although might look expensive, will probably work out cheaper over the long term, than taking Viagra periodically over a longer term which may cost upto $20 per pop only to last 2 or 3 hours.

If you are still interested in trying a male enhancement supplement, we recommend Prosolution Plus, who have been on the market for more than 10 years, so obviously does not contain any hidden substances otherwise they would've been shut down years ago and wouldn't exist by now. The herbal formula of Prosolution Plus will help you last longer, make your erections firmer and fuller, and also boost your sex drive and libido. A six month course of these pills will give the best results.