Disclosure, Policy, And Terms For Users Of This Site

All users of this site will adhere to the following policies and terms outlined here. All instances of this site is in reference to penisolution.com domain owner and website administrator.

penisolution.com feeds information about products and brands that it does not own the rights to, trade, or manufacture. Information about a particular product, or informational material associated with a particular brand name, has been given in accordance with the prevailing knowledge of a product sourced from preapproved marketing material of the merchant who may have provided the associated affiliation network the material and given approval for it to be used by its affiliates. The information may also have been sourced from prewritten marketing articles or directly from the merchant website at the prevailing time or from various third party reviews of whom the credibility of such information cannot be guaranteed.

The marketing and informational material may also have been subjected to modifications by the editor of the marketing material in order to produce original content for the purpose of requiring unique content for certain reasons relating to how this site is marketed. In the case such marketing material has been edited, it has kept the original intention of the original content in line with the merchant website promoting the brand but rewritten for this site.

The reliability or accurateness of a statement or claim against a product or brand name cannot be guaranteed and should not be used as a factor in deciding to purchase a product. penisolution.com aims to add enough information to allow a potential purchasor of a product to decide for himself/herself whether the product is suitable for them and to let them decide to buy. The informational and marketing material provided by penisolution.com about a particular product or brand name is not intended to be used as a guarantee against any specific claims made about the product to be factored in the decision to purchase the product.

The purchase of any products found listed on this site is carried out on an ecommerce platform external to this site, that this site has no association or affiliation with. Once a user is redirected away from this site, penisolution.com has no responsibillities or liabilities that can be enforced against us following the purchase of a product and dissatisfaction of either product quality or service, or service used to obtain the product.

Any dissatisfaction of either product quality or service, or service used to obtain the product, excluding the service of finding the merchant website through this site, will not be the responsibility of this site, and should the purchasor wish to make a complaint, this complaint is made to the merchant website, or the payment gateway used to purchase the product, because matters of this nature are outside the responsibility of this site, as this site acts solely as a third party referrer and marketing agent for the merchant website, and this site has not the obligation to resolve such matters.

The prevailing information about a product or brand name given on this site may become outdated or invalid, in the case of prices of a product, where a price is given, or information or description of a product or claim, offer, or incentive of the product, can change and the relevent information on this site is not updated to reflect the change, where the administrator of this site was unaware, or misinformed about the changes regarding the prevailing information of a product or brand name, will not be held responsible for false or misleading information. Some examples may be changes to price due to currency exchange rates, or changes to ingredients or constituents of a product, and other information relating to the description and assumed description and expected description of the product prior to delivery.

In the event a user of this site ends up making an ecommerce transaction for a product listed on this site, after being referred from this site to the relevent merchant site, the user of this site understands that a small commission will be paid to the referrer, who is the administrator and domain registrar of this site, should a referral from this site result in the sale of a product and the successful completion of an ecommerce transaction on the merchant website with whom this site is affiliated with.