Does Spanish Fly Work?

You may have come across a sexual enhancement product called Spanish Fly and was wondering what it is. The fact that it's called Spanish Fly is somewhat misleading, because the substance is actually a secretion of a beetle, or more specifically the blister beetle. The secretion of this beetle is a toxic substance and irritant to the body, hence the term blister beetle, it causes blisters. The term spanish may be derived from the insects ubiquity and use in southern Europe since the middle ages. This green beetle is usually crushed to a powder, the yellow-green-brown iridescent pulp of this mashed substance which was beetle, contains a chemical isolated as the active substance as discovered by a chemist which is named cantharidin.

Spanish Fly is one of the oldest known substances used as a aphrodisiac. The chemical property of cantharidin irritates the genuritary tract causing a swelling and expansion, thus rush of blood to the penis. This toxic substance is so powerful, that it only requires the minuteness little drop to get the effect, and larger doses have the capacity to kill to the extent that this substance has also been used to poison people.

spanish fly - the green blister beetle

Because of the lethal effects of large doses, Spanish Fly is outlawed, and the various sexual enhancement products you see labelling themselves as Spanish Fly Sexual Enhancement Products will almost all be fakes, and will not contain real Spanish Fly.

It is unlikely you will be able to buy real cantharidin so easily, and if you do, remember that this is a very toxic substance and large doses will cause all kinds of complications to your bodily functions, and has the capacity to kill at high doses. We recommend you avoid Spanish Fly. The below image shows a selection of various sexual enhancement products claiming to be Spanish Fly, but without discriminating against any one of them, they will most likely be all fakes and so a waste of money. Some Spanish Fly products might actually be laced with Yohimbe Extract, an extract of bark substance of this West African tree has also been used as a sexual stimulant.

face spanish fly

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