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Men with Small Penises Lack Sex Appeal

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A man with a small pecker experiences feelings of inadequacy early on and feels embarassed about his size because of how he perceives girls will judge his masculinity based on his pecker size. This self-complexion stems from the ingrained and almost accepted fact that more ample is better, which is almost true, if it was the opposite, which it is not, it would not matter. The truth is, more ample is better, and small is laughed at and seen as a symbol of less dominance or masculinity. The small pecker is undoubtedly less desirable than a more ample one.

The penis is a symbol of the mans being, his fertility, his masculinity and his dominance, means that if women admire him more for having a gargantuan hot rod, he feels more comfortable having a king-size schlong, and having a king-size schlong makes him feel more masculine, than having a minute one. The man with a small hot rod has a fear, of being laughed at by the opposite sex for being small so naturally feel no pride about their size and so seek to do something about it. This is because girls joke and mock small penises, so men with larger penises are prouder and more confident about their size than men with small penises, without the fear of being mocked at.

A small penis results in the man feeling self-conscious about his size both in the bedroom, and in the changing rooms, the lesser it is the more self conscious he will be. As soon as he realises his penis is lesser than everyone elses, this will eat into his confidence and self-esteem.

The bigness problem for most men is usually shrugged off as relatively unimportant, but most men still want a enormous penis, even averaged sized joes want it enormous.

Men With Small Penises lack Sex Appeal

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Men with small penises are self-conscious to expose it openly to their partners and in full view in the changing rooms, attempting to conceal it whenever possible, which can be very unsexy to some women. This type of behaviour may be offputting to some women especially if she had a previous partner with a king-sized pecker, and upon looking at your little todger for the first time, she might feel a slight disappointment and even portray you negatively for having a small dick.

They say that measurement doesn't matter, and most women will not make a big deal over dick size as much as men do, that as long as it does its job and gives her titillation then it's big enough to satisfy her. Yet it has been widely proved that if given a choice, between a small one and a big one, 96% of women will always choose to have fun with the jumbo sized sausage. A king-size black mamba is more of a turn on for them. The fantasy of a big penis conjurs up deep in the minds of most women, and if asked to describe the ideal dick size for them, with surprising results most women will reveal a rather large penis beyond the average measurement of most men. It was proved in a mass penis size and preference survey answered by hundreds of real women, that women preferred even just looking at, let alone have petting with, a king cobra because it turned them on more and caused an increased state of arousal than looking at a small todger which was far less appealing and sexually unexciting. This just proved once and for all that men with small penises lack petting appeal.

Most men already know all this, and this is why they choose to grow their penises, in order to bang the bird with his larger member until she reaches the frenzied spasms and can't take no more, this way, she can't make any negative comments about his performance or size.

Because the “so called small dick syndrome” is so common and widespread among men, for this reason an abundance of products flooded the market, resulted in an ever increasing array of products designed to endow man with king-sized schlongs. The emergence of the Internet which created a new boom in penis enlargement products and gave birth to a new industry offering anonymity for men who wish to widen their anaconda, which is nearly all men.

Its True "A Woman Fantasizes About Big Dick Not Small Dick"

The ideal penis size image conjured up in the mind of most women is larger than your average pecker. The thought of being filled up and penetrated by a big fat one is the fantasy that she dreams of. Increasing your dick size will significantly hike your animalistic appeal to the opposite fornication.

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