Erectile Dysfunction Causes

Erectile dysfunction can take on different levels of severity in not being able to get, hold and maintain a rock hard cock. The less severe form may just be not being able to hold a long lasting erection when it goes limp quickly, or the most severe case it could be the inability to even get an erection. If your erections have become limp and less frequent, then you will probably have a mild form of erectile dysfunction. It also coincides that the less frequent you start getting erections, also the limper they become. This problem could potentially get worse, without treatment of erectile dysfunction. A serious form of erectile dysfunction, is you cannot get an erection and could be associated with an underlying physiological problem, most likely associated with nerve damage.

If you do have a serious erectile dysfunction, and are unable to get an erection completely, can associate the symptom as a result of nerve damage from multiple sceloris, parkinsons, alzheimers, stroke, or diabetes, and other conditions affecting nerves or transmission of physiological response through nerve channels, then you will most likely qualify for a free prescription of viagra from your doctor, who will assess you physically.

Erectile Dysfunction is very common, and most men will experience some form of it during their life, most likely it occurs in their later years as they grow older, and in most cases it will start off mild, but could worsen, usually gets worse the older you get.

If you have Erectile Dysfunction of the mild form not affected from nerve damage, there are some steps you can take to treat erectile dysfunction and make it less worse. Before you know what to do, you need to know what causes erectile dysfunction.

The root causes erectile dysfunction is a sluggish blood flow to penis, and this can happen through poor circulation. A lot of heart related disorders and problems of the heart, can be attributed as causes erectile dysfunction, because a poor heart causes poor blood circulation, and this may restrict blood flow to the penis during erections. The penis requires a lot of blood flow during erections in order to stay hard, so you need a robust circulation of blood flow to penis to enable this. The presence of erectile dysfunction may also be indicative of heart problems.

Another cause is arterial narrowing. This is when arterial plaque builds up on artery walls making it harder for the vessels to expand to accomodate increased blood flow, because arterial plaque stiffens the blood vessels. The build up of arterial plaque can occur through smoking, eating fatty foods high in cholesterol, and from the accumulation of free radicals in the blood which are toxins that enter your system through things like radiation exposure, breathing pollution, chemicals released from stress, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and many other things which you generally cannot avoid and are exposed to all the time. Over time free radical accumulation damages blood vessels by building up arterial plaque and restricting blood flow.

A condition of hormonal imbalance and impairment such as Hypogonadism which leads to producing insufficient levels of the sexual hormone testosterone, will lead to inadequate nitric oxide production during arousal and erection, which without, the erection will be unable to stay hard due to low levels of nitric oxide. This condition is also likely to impair adequate semen production.

The altering effects on neurotransmitter pathtechniques or hormonal production that occurs after taking some types of medication can also contribute to the erectile dysfunction. These include antipsychotic, antidepressive, antihypertensive, and antiandrogenic types of drugs or medication.

How Do I Know If I Have Erectile Dysfunction

It will probably start mild and unnoticeable, if you feel your sex drive has diminished, and you're getting erections less frequently then the symptom may be starting. As your erections become less frequent, and when you do get an erection it does not stay hard for long and goes limp quickly, this is a sign of erectile dysfunction. When you start waking up without an erection, then you can consider yourself as having a mild form of erectile dysfunction. A decrease in sex drive and libido may also be present, not as a result of erectile dysfunction, but as a cause of it. Without libido, there will not be much stimulus to get an erection.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

To treat erectile dysfunction you will need to improve your circulation and heart health, eat a high antioxidant diet to promote arterial dilation and to destroy free radicals, and changing your lifestyle such as giving up smoking which can have a dramatic improvement. If you are taking recreational drugs, or taking medications, a change in lifestyle can also help treat erectile dysfunction.

By eating a high antioxidant diet that improves penis health, such as vegetables and fruit, the antioxidants will prevent build up of arterial plaque by destroying free radicals. This leads to improved blood flow helped by arterial dilation, which these foods can promote.

Undertaking aerobic exercises to strengthen heart health can also be beneficial, as this will help perk up circulation of blood, including to the penis during erection. Cardiovascular exercises like running will likely improve heart health and blood circulation.

The use of viagra to temporarily resolve the problem when the need arises is an option, but is inadvisable for men who are taking other prescription medication containing nitrites due to cardiovascular or heart problems. It is not advisable to mix viagra if you are taking any other medications.

If you can't get viagra or don't want to use it or can't afford it, then some male enhancement supplements can also be used to treat erectile dysfunction, for example Vigrx Plus. Various natural herbs can treat erectile dysfunction and have been used for centuries before viagra, the herbs have the similar effects. For example, horny goat weed has been used in China, Tongkat Ali in Indonesia, Muira Puama in the Amazon, Yohimbe in Africa, all natural plant roots, tree barks or roots that have been used by indigeneous tribes. Some of these herbs can be found in male enhancement supplements like Vigrx Plus.

These herbs are the prime constituents of herbal male enhancement supplements, which contain natural herbal extracts that can help expand blood vessels, improve blood flow, enhance nitric oxide levels in the blood, which has the effect of making erections stay hard for longer. Other herbs in the supplements can enhance and improve your sex drive, with testosterone boosting herbs, which is vital chemical for getting erections. As the supplements contain herbal constituents that positively benefits the prostate, seminal and endocrine system for semen production, this can improve your libido by increasing levels of sex hormones, and you will notice marked improvement in frequency of erections and ability to get an erection.

Some people use penis pumps to treat erectile dysfunction, and there are some FDA approved penis pumps recommended for treatment using this method. A penis pump can help get you an erection. It would be better however to use the penis pumps in combination with some herbal male enhancement supplements. An alternative to male enhancement supplements will be penis creams such as Instant Performer which contains the same herbal extracts as pills, but the ingredients absorb through the skin on application through transdermal delivery, so can be just as effective and creams work faster too.

If you do have a serious form of erectile dysfunction, then the option of surgery is available whereby a semi-rigid or flexible inflatable rod is surgically implanted within the penis shaft, but this is generally not an advisable solution without trying natural male enhancement supplements like Vigrx Plus first.

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