Checklist To Avoid Rip Off Fake Penis Enlargement Pills

It is not surprising that a lot of men before trying a penis enlargement pill will treat it with some degree of skepticism as to if they work, because they might have read a story about some dodgy fake penis enlargement pills that were essentially snake oil products. So before departing with your cash, you need to know that what you are buying is worth your money. This is normal since most new products are treated with some kind of inspective attitude. Once you find out that some pills are actually very good, you will end up buying more.

If you know what you are looking for then your knowledge of ingredients will help you choose the right products. A lot of people will not even bother checking the ingredients as its taken for granted. Indeed if the bottle has a label that says penis enlargement pill, whether the pill is any good or not will be down to the quality of the ingredients. A lot of snake oil products will use the cut-rate option in order to keep costs to a minimum and so use cheap or non effective filler ingredients that may be of low grade quality, or alternatively stuff the pill with totally useless ingredients which have no effect nor have ever been studied in clinical trials for finding a treatment for enhanced male performance.

The pool of ingredients that are usually found and commonly used in male enlargement pills will also be used in creams. Because the herbal ingredients used in pills and creams for the treatment of male impotence and for enhanced passionate performance are limited, then you will know the common ingredients to look for. If the pills contain these ingredients and as long as the ingredients are of good quality, then the pills should have some effect.

Here is a checklist to avoid buying a fake penis enlargement pill.

  1. Inspect the product you are buying to check its ingredients and contents are clearly labeled. Treat products that do not disclose the contents and ingredients with suspicion. If they say that they cannot disclose their ingredients because it is a secret formula, this is more likely a feeble excuse. It is a law that manufacturers disclose the ingredients of their marketed products. Also check the mg count of each ingredient appears genuine and not skewed, as a low content of the effective ingredient and high content of a filler ingredient will be mostly ineffective.
  2. Do not fall for the free trial scam if one is offered. It is likely you will still need to pay for shipping costs above actual shipping cost, in addition to giving them your credit card details. If they are indeed bogus, you will have a hard time trying to contact them after you find out a hefty charge has accrued on your credit card a few weeks later.
  3. Always check the merchant offers some kind of guarantee and that it is clearly written out on their website or terms. The presence of a guarantee means that under law the merchant has made a written contract with the purchasor, and so has a legal obligation to fulfil his guarantee in the event you wish to claim it. A guarantee gives you assurance that the merchant is serious and has confidence in his product, plus you get the added insurance in case of dissatisfaction with the product.
  4. Check for a good well designed website. Take a good look at the website, and make sure contact details and an address of the business can be found. A genuine site, is usually well designed and presentable, and the fake sites are usually poorly designed and look like not much effort has been given in making it look nice.
  5. Check how much the product costs. Don't be fooled into buying what looks like a bargain. The cliche "If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is", should be heeded. The price ideally should not be too low, nor should it be too high. Check the prices of competing products for some similarity.

After you check these requirements, next you will need to know what ingredients to look for in the pills, then you can just hope that the ingredients are of good quality. This is not always necessary since most pills will contain effective ingredients so you just need to make sure the ingredients are of good quality. The best products are the most popular ones that have been around for years, as their survival is testimonial to a good quality product. The fake pills will always come and go and never last long on the market, and quickly disappear from the market from no repeat orders, or being forced out of business, and emergence of bad reviews from dissatisfied customers. If you need help in buying good quality male enhancement products then the ones you will find on this site are the best in the authors opinion.

If you want to know more about the various ingredients used in popular pills that you can check against the ingredients labels, you will find commonly used ingredients you are likely to find in dick pills in the herbal reference guide.