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Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Heart Disease?

One of the precipitates of erectile dysfunction and a contributing factor is related to heart health. There are many reasons for this, the heart regulates circulation, and a weak heart leads to poor blood circulation and flow. The restriction of circulatory flow can be attributed to build up of arterial plaque from fatty deposits, a condition known as Atherosclerosis to describe the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels and the susequent restricted blood flow that occurs as a result.

The build up of plaque is a slow and progressive build up that gets worse cumulatively over time. The body's inability to break down cholesterol that enters it, from for instance high trans-fat food, leads to this progressive build up and eventual hardening and narrowing of the artery.

If you suffer from an ongoing erectile dysfunction problem of not being able to get or hold throbbing gristles like you used to, this could be a sign of impending heart disease, and heart related diseases like coronary artery disease or high blood pressure. According to the American Urological Association (AUA), who published the finding of a JAMA study showed that over the course of numerous years, the trial candidates who developed the onset of erectile dysfunction correlated to a later 25% increased risk of heart attacks, mini strokes or angina. The men who already had erectile dysfunction had a 45% higher risk of developing a cardiovascular disease.

This build up of plaque on artery walls that leads to cardiovascular disease, and narrowing of arteries that leads to higher blood pressure, combined ultimately leads to a heart attack or stroke. The small blood vessels in the weenie willie will be just as affected as other more critical arteries in the body, and it would be the lower arteries such as the ones in the weenie willie that will be affected first, so signs of this could be a precursor for more serious problems of a cardiovascular nature. In addition, an historical statistical research also shows that of the men who seek treatment for erectile dysfunction, 20% are found to have undiagnosed high blood pressure, and 5% already had coronary artery disease.

To combat the effects of this it is recommended to do aerobic exercises like stretching and cycling, or long hikes, jogging, or aerobic workouts. To prevent build up of cholesterol hardening artery walls, it is recommended to reduce high trans-fat foods, and to make some lifestyle changes like quitting smoking. A high antioxidant diet is also beneficial to help prevent build up of this arterial plaque.

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