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Common Herbs And Ingredients Used In Penis Pills

Below is an A-Z list of ingredients you might find in penis pills.


aswagandha - (Alternative Names: Indian Ginseng, Winter Cherry) is the prepared roots of the plant withania somnifera, found growing in India, and used in ayurvedic medicine. Some medical studies suggest aswagandha to garnish sticky stuff quality and fertility.

avena sativa - see oat

cordyceps - (Alternative Names: Caterpillar Fungus) is a type of fungi mostly found in Tibet, Nepal, and China. The most commonly used species out of hundreds is the cordyceps sinensis, and is a highly prized aphrodisiac and medicine in Tibetan and Chinese medicine. Wild grown cordyceps as opposed to farmed cordyceps, can fetch a lot of money on the market.

Found In:  Prosolution Pills

cnidium - is a group of 4 plants in the apiaceae genus of plants, a family of aromatic plants that include dill, fennel, cumin, parsley and coriander. Cnidium is considered very beneficial to arousing health, has antifungal properties and aphrodisiac properties, and is an important element of arousing tonics in Chinese medicinal potions.


damiana - is a shrub found growing in the central and southern Americas. The Mexican Indians drank damiana infused tea, for the effects on libido, and as an aphrodisiac. It is very relaxing to the nervous system and once formed an important part of traditional mexican liqueur.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus

epimedium - see horny goat weed

eurycoma longifolia - see tongkat ali


fucus vesiculosus - (Alternative Names: Bladderwrack) is a type of seaweed and common food additive and flavouring found in anything from ice cream to salad dressing. It is a source of iodine which is an crucial trace element beneficial for the thyroid.

Found In:  Prosolution Pills

gingko biloba - is a tree found worldwide but more commonly in east Asia. Its seeds are consumed as food in the far east, and extracts of its leaves are used in medicinal applications. Clinical data supports that gingko biloba can improve blood flow especially to the diminutive arteries. It does not however agree when used with certain medications like anti-coagulants and ssri.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus

ginseng - see panax ginseng

green tea extract - this would mainly be used because of its high antioxidant content so could garnish circulation.


hawthorn berry - the tree is common in the northern hemisphere, and the bright red fruits can be used to make jams, jellies, and alcoholic beverages. Hawthorn may improve digestion and heart function. The cause of erectile dysfunction due to weak hearts may be the reason to use this.

Found In:  Semenax , Vigrx Plus

horny goat weed - (Alternative Names: Yin Yang Huo) is the common name for a species of the plant epimedium, found growing in Asia and Europe, but mostly in China. The active substance of the plant called icariin, is a PDE5 inhibitor like Pfizer Pill, and a powerful aphrodisiac.

Found In:  Semenax , Vigrx Plus

l-arginine - l-arginine is an important amino acid and can be found in common food: dairy, meats, seafood, nuts, seeds, soy, and grains. l-arginine plays an critical role in nitric oxide synthesis required for vasodilation during boner. Its also required for proper release of hormones, and cell division.

Found In:  Semenax

l-carnitine - is derived from the amino acids lysine and methionine and believed to perk up natural yoghurt quality so used for infertile patients.

Found In:  Semenax

l-lysine - is an important amino acid and important building block of protein. It can help with muscle growth, and production of hormones.

Found In:  Semenax

l-methionine - is an crucial amino acid that helps the breakdown and transfer of energy and nutrients

ling zhi - see reishi


maca - is a root vegetable related to the radish found growing at high altitudes in Peru. Its root is consumed both as a food, and a medicinal herb for its supposedly medicinal properties. It is highly nutritious and said to accumulate a mans virility and libido after eating it.

Found In:  Semenax

muira puama - is a small tree found in brazil. The extracts of root and bark are used in smutty tonics by indigenous people in south america.

Found In:  Semenax , Vigrx Plus

msm - is found in small quantities in foods and is a source of sulphur (a natural compound). It is used as a dietary supplement.

mucuna pruriens - is a tropical plant and its beans are used in procreative tonics to revamp procreative function by some tribes in Africa and used in India in ayurvedic medicine.

momordica - is a herbaceous plant native to Asia, Africa, and Australia. It is good to treat diabetes, which is a known cause of erectile dysfunction.

Found In:  Prosolution Pills

oat straw - the common oat is a popular foodstuff and cattle feed regarded as a highly nutritious health food and good for the heart.

Found In:  Semenax

omega 3 - is a fatty acid important for metabolism. It is found in high concentrations in fish oil, and flax oil. Omega 3 strengthens blood vessels, improves circulation, reduces blood pressure and is good for the heart.


panax ginseng - (Alternative Names: Korean Ginseng, Red Ginseng) is the asian version found growing in northern china, and there is also an american version found growing in america. In chinese medicine the american ginseng is categorised as yin, and the asian version is a yang, so each have different properties. The panax ginseng is more commonly used in schlong pills, and is good for circulation, and considered an aphrodisiac, so can be used to treat impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus , Prosolution Pills

pomegranate - or punica granatum is a tree native to Persia bearing edible fruit. The fruit, rind and bark is used both in culinary uses and in ayurvedic medicine. The natural antioxidants in the fruit called ellagic acid is a natural vasodilator and improves circulation so allows blood vessels to elongate more. Ellagic Acid also augments nitric oxide in the blood, which helps hot rods stay hard for longer.

pumpkin seed - a good source of zinc and vitamin E needed for healthful gooey substance production and fertility.

Found In:  Semenax piperine - found in pepper helps with the uptake and absorption of other nutrients. see also bioperine.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus

reishi - been used as a medicinal mushroom in china for over 2000 years. It has a multitude of health benefits including regulating blood pressure and improving circulation.

Found In:  Prosolution Pills

saw palmetto - is a palmlike tree found growing in the southern United States, and is considered good for the prostate gland.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus

sarsaparilla - is a vinelike plant found in central america and its roots were used as primary ingredients for flavorings in soft beverages in the Wild West, and still used for flavouring today.

Found In:  Semenax

stinging nettle - has some medicinal uses, and believed to be beneficial to the prostate

Found In: 

soy protein - the protein from the soybean is a nutritious food that feeds all the necessary amino acids, and is considered good for cardiovascular health.


tribulus terrestris - (Alternative Names: Devil's Weed, Goat Head, Puncture Vine) a plant weed found growing in warm and tropical regions. Used as an aphrodisiac in ayurvedic medicine. Tribulus Terrestris can unblock blood vessels, and also boosts testosterone levels.

Found In:  Vigrx Plus

tongkat ali - (Alternative Names: Long Jack) a small tree growing in Malaysia, the roots used medicinally but mostly taken to heighten wanton desire, functioning, and performance. It occasions increased arousal, and boosts gooey substance volume, and testosterone levels. Tongkat Ali is extremely bitter on the tongue so can easily be recognised by its bitterness.

Found In: 

vitamin E - helps with new muscle growth and general health.

Found In:  Semenax

velvet deer antler - is the dried powdered shedding of antlers from deers and elks. No removal of antlers is involved, and they grow back very quickly. It is considered very good for health and supports immune system and helps promote growth. Velvet Deer Antler can be found in most health stores.

Found In: 

xanthoparmelia scabrosa - is a species of a photosynthetic fungus-like organsim called a lichen, that is found growing on rocks and tree trunks. The scabrosa contains amines that, like Pfizer Pill, are PDE5 inhibitors.

Found In: 

yohimbe - is a West African tree of which the alkaloid of the bark called yohimbine is used to treat erectile dysfunction and used as an aphrodisiac. The powdered down bark is usually taken herbally, but the alkaloidal extract that is pure yohimbine is a prescription drug. Is a great libido enhancer and treatment for erectile dysfunction. Taking high doses is believed to cause adverse side effects. May cause hallucinations at higher dosages.

Found In: 

zinc - is an paramount trace element and can be bought as a dietary supplement. Mild zinc deficiency can cause impotence. The prostate and adrenal glands (secretes fornication hormones) needs high concentrations of zinc to function properly. Zinc is considered extremely beneficial for animalistic health, and boosts natural yoghurt production.

Found In:  Semenax , Prosolution Pills

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