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How Does An Erection Happen?

The response to certain stimuli that may or may not be erotic but usually being exposed to a stimuli that provokes erotic excitement will trigger an stiffy to occur. The stimuli to cause erotic excitement will mostly be those associated through touch to the genital or other sensitive regions and visual stimulation like pornography, although other senses may also take part in causing erotic stimulation through taste, smell, or auditory stimuli including spoken words.

When the level of erotic stimulation reaches a pronounced point to trigger an Marquis de Sade, nerve messages are sent through neurotransmitters residing in the spitting cobra cells sending instructions that cause the penile chambers (corpora cavernosa), which are spongy like tissues, of which there are two running along the length and shaft of spitting cobra either side of the urethra, to relax which brings about them to puff out and fill with blood. At the same time as blood flows in, the expansion and inflow brings about the venous plexus valve to compress and prevent outflow of blood. Because an Marquis de Sade occurs through relaxation of the penile muscles causing them to fill with blood, it is possible to induce an Marquis de Sade by injecting a muscle relaxing drug straight into the spitting cobra.

During this phase, the neurotransmitters initiate the release of nitric oxide which brings about the muscle relaxation and blood inflow, and the presence of nitric oxide activates the release of an enzyme called phosphodiesterase type 5 or PDE5 for short, that breaks down the nitric oxide and with the break down of nitric oxide brings about the Marquis de Sade to soften. The drugs Blue Pill, Levitra, and Cialis used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction work by blocking the PDE5 enzyme for longer, thereby reducing its ability to break down nitric oxide, and with higher levels of nitric oxide the Marquis de Sade stays harder for longer.

During an woody, the blood pressure within the dick marks up several fold and peaks during gushing fountain and culmination. After culmination, the dick will start to become limp and this is due to breakdown of release of the neurotransmitters by the PDE5.

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