how do porn stars get big dicks?

porn star performance

Porn stars have big dicks because they were born that way. They were naturally endowed at birth with big cocks which gave them the opportunity to fuck gorgeous porn-star-babes. To do porn all you need is a big cock and you can fuck gorgeous girls. It doesn't matter if you're ugly. Sex craved nympho sluts don't care about aesthetic looks as much as wanting an enormous fat cock for their pleasure to suck and be inserted inside them! So in porn all you need is a big cock to end up fucking sexy girls. So if you were not born with a big cock and want to be a porn star, then you need to enlarge it. If not penis enlargement surgery then your only option is non-surgical natural methods which are also cheaper.

Some porn stars might have tried penis enlargement surgery in an attempt to be bigger. Surgery is a guaranteed way to get a bigger penis overnight; but surgery is risky, and expensive. Unless you're desperate it's probably best to avoid surgery. You can always try natural methods first, like penis enlargement pills, penis extenders, or jelqing. It might take longer to work using natural methods than having penis enlargement surgery but it'll be cheaper and safer. One method used to increase penis size without surgery is a penis extender. Enlarging your penis with a penis extender might take longer to grow your dick size than having surgery, but, it will be a fraction of the cost, and a lot safer. A penis extender like Pro Extender is a device capable of elongating your prick if used for the recommended length of time, usually a few months at least, and you will grow an inch or even two!

It is possible to grow a bigger penis without having surgery, you just have to know it takes longer, but that's why it's cheaper! Natural so called non-surgical methods for penis enlargement are a fraction the price of surgery, and safer too. Surgery is just too risky, expensive and gruesome; this option is only undertaken by the desperate, stupid, or both. You could just end up making a big whole mess that you can't undo and regret for the rest of your life! So trying alternative non-surgical methods of penis enlargement makes sense even if trying to see if they work. You should try this first before considering surgery, and if still not satisfied, then you can have surgery. If you want a bigger penis just because you want to do porn, remember surgery has the risk that your penis can rot and fall off from infection essentially making it useless and worse than before, this has happened to some people in the past! So just stick with the safer non surgical natural enlargement methods.

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