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Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

The classification of most dick enlargement pills fall into the herbal supplements or dietary supplements category, and being a herbal supplement and not a medicine, means there is less strict regulation concerning the marketing of the pills. All pills manufacturers include on their label words something like “this product is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease or condition”, and that's what separates it from being a medicine. The intended use of the pills is to enhance the bodily functions (i.e. garnish, for instance blood flow) rather than alter the physiological functions of it, seperates it from being a medicine or drug, as opposed to say Magic Potion Pill, which is a drug that alters physiological functions unnaturally and is a medicine that you need a prescription for. A drug or medicine should be regarded as more spanking than a herbal supplement. So herbal supplements are generally safer than medicines or drugs which have to be regulated and approved before being sold.

The formulation of herbal pills use a mixture of ingredients, usually which can be purchased quite easily and individually as product labelled itself of the herb name in natural health stores. These ingredients are considered safe, so you do not need a prescription to use them. Beware of merchants of pecker enlargement pills who do not disclose the contents of the pills on the label bottle, all pills should have an ingredients label, and if they do not they should be treated with caution. It is recommended to know the ingredients contained in the pill, and how they might affect you.

A genuine manufacturer should be operating from a regulated laboratory, sourcing their ingredients from regulated suppliers whose raw ingredients have been screened and quality controlled. Once the raw ingredients are sourced from the distributor, they are combined and pressed into pills, or mixed and inserted into capsules. If the raw ingredients are sourced from unregulated or unsanitary premises, there is a possibility that some of the herbs and plants might be contaminated, for example, with minute traces of animal faeces from animals that were grazing around the plants, if the plants were got direct from farmers and these small traces might contain e.coli bacteria which can cause sickness, but the probability of this is very slim.

The ingredients of different brands of pills will vary, but generally, all pills contain a common pool of roughly 10-20 of the most used herbal ingredients of penis pills, with each pill, depending on the brand, containing a different mixture of about 6-10 different ingredients in varying doses. These herbs are regarded as possessing properties known to have the desired effect, for example, improving blood flow, which is good for blue steel hardness, or increasing testosterone levels, which regulates coition drive and enhancing libido. Some of the ingredients are regarded as aphrodisiacs, some skyrocket white stuff production and fertility, some are used to boost energy, and some are used to aid growth and development. Each ingredient will have a purpose, and the manufacturer of the pill will formulate the contents based on the intended use, for example, penis enlarging pills will primarily focus on using ingredients that enhance blood flow to the penis, some pills will use more ingredients aimed at increasing white stuff production, also called volume enhancement pills.

Common herbal ingredients you are most likely to find in anaconda enlargement pills include: Horny Goat Weed (plant root), Tongkat Ali (tree root), Saw Palmetto (berry fruit), Muira Puama (bark), L-Arginine (amino acid), Tribulus (plant), Ginseng (root), Zinc (mineral), Maca (root), Cordyceps (fungi), Gingko Biloba (root), Cnidium (seed), Catuaba (bark), Schizandra (berry), Mucuna Pruriens (seed), Cistanche Stem (bark), Ashwagandha (plant extract), Hawthorn (berry), Damiana (leaf) but by no means is this list exhaustive. For more herbs commonly used in pills refer to the a-z list.

“These ingredients are very safe in mild, moderate, and even large doses, although stick to the recommended dosage”

Some Cautions Before Taking Pills

The herbs and ingredients used in pills are generally safe containing the required dose of ingredients but large overdoses might cause sickness, dizziness, or nausea.

Some herbs taken in large doses can lower blood sugar levels, so diabetics taking medication have to be careful not to lower the blood sugar level too much, but most pills should not contain individual doses large enough to pose any risk. In fact most pills will probably contain doses of each ingredient too small to even have much of the benefits of the herbs that can be had, but you can never be too sure.

Other herbs can lower blood pressure, so for people who have take blood pressure medication, the pills will exacerbate their symptoms more, because of the effects of some ingredients, it could put a bit more pressure on the heart.

Check the ingredients label, and avoid pills that contain Yohimbe Bark, this is a high risk ingredient, as is known to cause certain undesirable side effects. Another ingredient to avoid is Kava Kava, both are restricted herbs that only qualified medical professionals should prescribe. Side effects might be palpitations, sweating, or nausea.

In general, most pills should be safe to consume by any fit and vigorous person, without heart or kidney diseases, or diabetes. They should not be combined with blood thinning medications like Warfarin. It would be best just not to combine anaconda enlargement pills with any other doctor prescribed medications, including anti-coagulants and anti-depressants, and medications for blood pressure, or diabetes, and even over the counter medicines like Aspirins.

These kinds of supplements are safe to take in small to medium and at recommended doses, even at high doses for a medium period of time, but constantly taking large doses every day for numerous years some ingredients could potentially corrode the kidneys, if regular periods of abstinence is not taken. In general, the about of herbs contained in the pills are too low to be a health risk, and even small overdoses are unlikely to cause any severe corrode. As long as you stick to the recommended dosage, there should be no problem.

Some side effects as a result of taking large overdoses may include nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness, insomnia, anxiety, dry mouth, perspiration and sweating, hot flushes, heart palpitations. So always take the recommended dosage.

Check to see how long the pills manufacturer have been in operation, the longer the better because if they were dodgy, or received a marked amount of complaints they wouldn't still be in operation. Dodgy pills disappear off the market after a few months. A lot of new anaconda enlargement pills regularly appear on the market, but many of them disappear after a few years either through unpopularity, or having been shut down, or banned because of a dodgy ingredient. The FDA will in time analyse the ingredients of new pills that appear on the market for safety, and if dodgy ingredients are found in the pills, they are quickly closed down and taken off the market. A lot of pills have been found to contain traces of prescription only drugs like sildenafil analogues, and some even traces of toxic substances like lead. Most of these pills or the ingredients used in them originated from China, so when buying these kinds of products stick to ones that have been manufactured in the USA.

A lot of men who don't want to take pills opt instead for a penis cream which can induce the same effects, but you don't need to swallow a pill, and a dick cream works faster than pills. The best thing is you can just use a dick cream whenever you want, you don't have to take it every day, and the results are almost instant. If you don't want to take pills then use something like Penis Oil which can also help you achieve faster, fuller, stiffer erections when you please. A dick cream is also a lot safer than pills, because if you don't agree to any of the ingredients in the pill, once you've swallowed it, it's too late. The dick cream on the other hand can easily be washed off to stop more of the ingredients entering your body.

One more safety issue for those concerned before taking the spitting cobra enlargement pills would be to test the pills in quarter recommended dosage before progressing to half then onto full recommended dosage, so you can check how your body reacts, if it does, in any way to any of the ingredients, this is just in case you have an unagreeable reaction to an ingredient.

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