What Penis Size Should I Enlarge To?

Men with small average cocks have an inherent complex about their size, stemming from the misconception that small is undelightful to a woman. A small one is also ridiculed and mocked by women and the subject of jokes of mockery. It may also appear unmasculine, so in order to avoid embarrassment, men with small cocks seek to enlarge it. Below we outline the methods you can try to enlarge your penis naturally, for example, without surgery. A man wants a size he perceives will be most appealing to the opposite sex.

An average size penis is between 5.5-6.5 inches without being too exact, about 75% of men are this size, but the majority of them will still feel this is too small, so seek to have cocks at least 7 inches and above. Depending on your current size enlarging your cock by 1 inch is much easier than enlarging it by 2. So most of the below methods may increase the length by 1 inch, maybe 2, 3 inch will be very hard and take very long. Not even surgery can lengthen your penis easily as elongating the urethra is a complex procedure which doesn't always end up looking pretty, and can leave your penis looking botched up and unnatural. Most surgery involves just fattening not lengthening.

An ideal size for women is believed to be around 8 inches - not small not too big. A good indication of the size she prefers is by knowing the size of her dildo. This will give you an idea of what size she wants. Since most women own dildos 8 or 9 inches, bigger than an average penis, proves she wants the feel of a bigger penis. If she has a 12 inch vibrator, then this is probably what it takes to satisfy her.

There are numerous natural enlargement methods to choose from, and they differ slightly by method and application so choosing the method to use would depend on personal preference. All the methods should work to some extent, some might work better than others, but don't expect spectacular results fast. Most may overstate results and you may be disappointed in the end result. Maybe the only quickest and surefire way for a larger penis is surgery, but choosing a natural route is far less expensive, and much less risky. Surgery has risks of permanent sabotage to the penis which may be irreversible and you may end up with permanent dysfunction. Surgery also has risk of infection that in the worse case scenario has ended up in penile amputation! To succeed if you choose the natural route is by applying the method consistently every day and being prepared to commit a good couple months at least before seeing some sizeable gain.

Methods to Increase Your Penis Size

  1. penis Enlargement Surgery

    The most expensive and riskiest method by far, setting you back thousands, and not worth the risk or money or getting into debt for. Guaranteed enlargement is achieved virtually overnight however. A standard procedure is they snip the front ligament attaching the penis on the topside to the pubic bone which causes the penis to droop down further while in the flaccid state, but has minimal effect on full erection size, and may make your erection point at a lower angle. The fattening procedure is when they inject a silicone gel or other substance like fat taken from another part of the body like buttocks, and inject it into your penis. The risks of permanent ruin to the penis and expense mean most men avoid it. The satisfaction rate amongst men post-surgery is quite low and a cause of regret.
  2. Jelqing Exercises

    A cheap method of daily stretching exercise techniques called jelking, all you need is some lube, and 15 minutes jelqing time each day. All you need is some lubrication, even olive oil. This method must be applied consistently for at least 2 months to yield decent results. To get the most out of your jelqing do it for 20 minutes a day for 12 weeks and you might be up to an inch longer and fatter! Use a good penis oil like Vigrx Oil as you'll need to lubricate your penis for the jelqs and to get the best results.
  3. Traction Device

    Also called penis extenders are devices strapped around the penis for several hours a day applying gentle stretching of the penis causing cell division and new tissue formation. New tissue formation takes several weeks so you need patience. It is a plastic or metal frame specially made to fit around the penis, with a mechanism to stretch the penis gently. Must be worn for several hours a day for several months. A pure enlargement method as it will increase your size, but have no effect on erection quality (ie firmness) or libido (ie sex drive) as it does not stimulate blood flow like ingredients of pills. So most penis extenders like Proextender through in bonus enhancement pills with orders.
  4. penis Enlargement Pills

    Penis pills cause vasodilation by expanding blood vessels and so increases flow of blood into the penis making it bigger. Pills also boost your testosterone levels which increases your sex drive. Pills will enlarge your penis, and you will notice bigger penis both while flaccid and erect, because more blood is being pumped into it. Pills can also improve erection quality, and will boost libido. You need some decent pills like Vigrx Plus.
  5. Penis Enlargement Patches

    Works like pills but delivers the same ingredients through skin like a nicotine patch, this is known as a transdermal process. Some people don't want to take pills, so the option of using patches like the proenhance patch was brought to market. The makers of this patch made this as an alternative to their pill version.
  6. penis Pumps

    Suction forcing blood to flow into penis causing inflated erections to occur. This method should be adopted regularly for at least 3 months. Also used by some men to help them get an erection, a penis pump will force an erection to occur so some are products used to help men with erectile dysfunction get an erection. Regular use of a penis pump will increase your penis size after a few months.
  7. penis Creams

    The active ingredients are absorbed through the skin. Like the ingredients in pills, causes vasodilation expanding blood vessels causing more blood to flow into penis, thus making it appear bigger. Go for the water based creams, because some alcohol based ones can cause itching or skin irritation and damage condoms. These can also be used as a lubricant. Creams don't really enlarge penis as much as pumps or extenders, but can help firm up bigger erections. Go for a something like instant performer
  8. dick Weights

    These are best avoided, you don't want to hang weights on your dick, it will likely cause serious damage like torn ligaments or blood vessels. Imagine the pain in your arm when you pull a muscle lifting weights. Now imagine the same pain in your penis!

Men warming up with smallish weights

hanging dick weights

These men are warming up using smallish weights, yet a quick jerk or accidental tug can cause serious damage. The size and weight used increase incrementally the longer this exercise is practised, with men ending up hanging ridiculously large and heavy objects on their penis.