Tips To Help You Avoid Sperm Damage, Boost Sperm Health And Improve Fertility

Male infertility is a result of a degenerating semen quality, marked by either low quantity or low mobility of the spermoza, and defined as the inability of the sperm to impregnate the ova of a fertile female. The infertility tests conducted by a doctor can help you further identify the root cause of the problem inherent in the spermoza responsible for the infertility. Infertility of men can be explained by the reduced spermoza motility, a condition known as Asthenozoospermia, or a decreased number of spermatozoa (motile sperm cells) known as Oligozoospermia, a reduction of seminal fluid known as Hypospermia, low levels of sperm cells known as Azoospermia, or a complete absence of sperm cells called Aspermia.

Some precipitating factors of this degradation of sperm cannot be avoided, for example, age is unavoidable and correlates to reduced sperm quality, sexual disease and infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and especially prostate infections will damage semen production and fertility, and certain genetic conditions cannot be avoided. Hormonal imbalances might also affect semen production. About 20% or 1 in 5 men will be found to have a low count of semen, although having a low count doesn't necessarily make them infertile, it will increase their risk of becoming infertile and make it harder to conceive.

The problem of trying to conceive with low volumes of mobile sperm is comparable to the fact that the overall chance of a perfectly normal sperm impregnating an ova after unprotected coitus remains even below 30% even for a perfectly normal and fertile copulating couple, so the chances for someone with immobile sperm is either lower.

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To improve fertility, boost sperm and semen quality you will need to avoid some speculated daily activities that are likely to destroy sperm production. Among these activities that damage sperm includes: nasty chemicals that enter the body through smoking, drugs, and excessive alcohol; activities that expose the testes to excessive heat, as exposure in a hot environment for prolonged periods will kill off sperm. This includes things like hot baths, heated seats, saunas, tanners etc. Injury to the groin and regular knocking can also reduce production so wearing protective pads during contact sports is a good idea. Some exercises like cycling are thought to damage sperm production from all the extra friction and knocking to the testicles. Some medications that interfere with hormones, also thought to negatively impact semen production, and the worse culprit being anabolic steroids.

Drinking lots of coffee and alcohol may damage sperm quality, and drinking more than 3 cans of coca-cola is also believed to reduce sperm quality by up to 30%. Soy products that contain high levels of phytoestrogens, which can influence hormonal production is thought can affect sperm production. Malnutrition or inadequate dietary intake of critical minerals will also lower the quality of your ejaculation and fertility. Semen quality can be improved by consuming a diet of zinc rich foods and amino acids. Maybe vitamin C and fructose.

The testicle sacks expand and shrink to regulate the heat exposure to the testes where the semen is produced, and does so accordingly to minimize damage to sperm in production. When exposed to cold weather, it would be normal for the testicles to shrink, to contain more heat, and when hot, the testicles will droop to cool off some. By avoiding prolonged changes in environmental temperature like frequent long soaks in a hot bath, using saunas and tanners, may improve the quality of your sperm.

Increasing length of intervals or absences between ejaculations or copulation is also thought to lower quality. For example, not ejaculating for a month or more will reduce sperm quality. By engaging in sex without condoms more frequently at least 3 times a week is likely to improve fertility and sperm quality. A sperm cell takes about 60 days to mature, but the longer it is left stagnating, it will lose quality. If periods between ejaculations are long, the quality of sperm is lower than when ejaculated every 2 or 3 days while still fresh.

Exposure to radio electro magnetic waves such as those given off by mobile phones when placed in your trouser pockets near your groin area, or having a laptop placed upon the groin for long periods is also thought to contribute to diminished sperm quality.

By avoiding all the above you can increase health of your sperm and boost sperm, but the biggest single thing you can do to improving your substance quality is by changing your diet, and eating zinc rich foods, along with crucial amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Some specialized supplements can administer these important nutrients for example Semenax.

There are herbal male enhancement supplements categorized by the names of volume pills, cum pills, or ejaculation pills, which are a formulation of herbs, nutrients, and amino acids that can bestow optimum sperm production, health and fertility, with the ultimate aim of enabling you to eject the biggest volumes of ejaculation fluid possible. The increase in production will improve your fertility too!

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