Instant Performer - Porn Star Erection Cream

marcello aka lee henshaw

Instant Performer is Lee Henshaw's favourite product. This instant erection cream is endorsed and used by Porn Star Lee Henshaw, A.K.A Marcello his screen name, as he's known to the fans of his films, who firmly quotes “depending on viagra is a dangerous road I don't want to go down, after witnessing some of my co-stars go down that exact same road and end up with these problems” as he is quoted as having saying. “I did not buy viagra just because they use it” The main reason for Instant Performer is price, - it's cheaper and better value, - and it has better bonuses - for example you can gain free access to my website for a month!

Henshaw actively endorses this product and has become the face of Instant Performer.

“If you want a boner fast, forget viagra, just massage some of this instant erection cream - Instant Performer onto your penis, and watch it work its wonders! You'll find it comes in handy at the most appropriate times, especially for someone like me, when a big hard boner can make or break me. Instant Performer is not only natural and safer but works more rapidly than Viagra! You can't go wrong with this product, It's superb! ” - Henshaw on Porn in his video interview.

“Buy Only 2 Tubes Or More And Gain Free Access To My Website Worth Over $40 Free!” - Marcello

“Instant Performer Is Superb For Foreplay And Masturbation”

lee henshaw and lana cox endorsed instant erection cream for cockstar performance

Instant Performer not only gives you an instant rock hard erection but is also a fantastic lubricant, a much desired necessity I'll let you know, so it's a kick ass lubricant that also 'enhances' your erection hardness. This is an ideal product to incorporate and use in foreplay and will intensify your pleasure to the max and boost your performance. Feel the arousal and delight of increased lubrication.

After whacking this instant erection cream onto my cock I only had to wait a few short ticks before I had a big fat pulsating Bone Daddy. I used to have to wait 10 minutes at least post-ejaculation, but can now get another rock hard cock again in seconds thanks to Instant Performer! This is ideal for me as now I get my full $80's worth for my full 30 minutes! It didn't even leave a sticky residue either because it is a water soluble solution it washes off with ease - but sometimes this can't be avoided lol!

“Viagra dependence can be a problematic road to go down with all those wearisome side-effects and stuff, like blue-vision, aches, and nausea. It's good knowing there are better alternative natural and safer products available that work just as well” -

In search of the alternative products that can be used in place of The Pfizer Blue Pill, Hens discovered this cream works just as good, does the job, and works much faster. He has even become the marketing face of the company endorsing the product since he uses it himself.

How Does It Work?

To cause your penis to become erect, the muscles in it need to be relaxed. When the penis muscles are relaxed the blood vessels expands and it stimulates more blood to flow into the penis. This was clearly demonstrated (do not try this), by a certain doctor on stage, a urological doctor, or urologist, injecting a muscle relaxant drug directly into his penis which caused an instant erection. To put another way, if you relax the penis muscles, you will get an instant erection. The ingredients in this instant erection cream contained in Instant Performer absorbs through the skin - this is called a transdermal delivery - and relaxes the penile muscles and also stimulates blood flow causing instant erections.

lee henshaw porn star endorsed cock cream

Instant Performer is probably the most effective instant erection cream of its type you can buy today, because it's so easy to use and works quickly, which together has made it very popular indeed. With a blend of puissant ingredients, only natural ingredients found in Instant Performer, and no petroleum byproducts, often found in other lubricants and creams.

This cream penetrates the skin and goes to work instantly improving circulation and blood flow into your penis. Witness rock hard pulsating erections unfold before your eyes in the space of a few blinks!

“No more waiting around with a tube of Instant Performer at hand!”

The use of this instant erection cream as both an erection enhancer and its use as a substitute for your lubricant lube, means it has quickly become popular for lovemaking couples who need lubricants and have limp erections who now have the ultimate super lubricant with that extra little kick. It also contains proprietary ingredients called Volufiline, making Instant Performer unique from its competitors. This is an ingredient popularly used in over the counter cosmetic products like lip plumpers, and has the effect of stimulating production of fat cells on the underlayer of your skin, thus causes through several applications to naturally plump up your penis making it fatter!

For under thirty dollars, you can order a tube of Instant Performer which is cheaper than its comparable peers, as they cost upto twice as much. Instant Performer is cheaper, more affordable and is worth the money. There are extra bonuses to buy with large orders including access to celebrity endorsed website.

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