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Does Penis Enlargement Work?

The Surgical Method

If having surgery, then obviously the answer is yes/sort of, you cannot have surgery and call it surgery if it did not have tangible and visible results. Depending on whether you widen the spitting cobra or stretch it, a surgical procedure to inflate the spitting cobra involves different techniques to stretch or widen the spitting cobra. The majority, and almost all spitting cobra enlargement operations, for cosmetic enhancement involve fattening the spitting cobra, so there will not be much difference in erect length, just girth. This is because lengthening will involve extension of the urethra which is a much more complicated procedure, and has a lower success rate.

To lengthen the cock is a delicate and complex procedure, but a certain type of lengthening procedure that does not involve an extension of the urethra is one of an illusional effect that doesn't actually physically lengthen the cock, rather it just releases some extra length from the hidden cock which is the part of the cock hidden behind the pubic bone, because only about 2/3 of the true cock length is visible outside the body. This is achieved by cutting a ligament causing more of the cock to droop out of the body, in the flaccid state, and can make your hot rods stand at a lower angle. The hidden cock can be felt as the tubular formation that runs between your gonads to the anus. The ligament which attaches the cock to where it joins the pubic bone is cut, which produces the flaccid cock to droop down further, 'in effect lengthening it'. This procedure, however, usually only lengthens the flaccid state and will not make much difference to the erect length other than just making your hot rods point at a lower angle. There is a possibility that an operation can result in loss of ability to achieve hot rods see cock enlargement risks and dangers of cock enlargement surgery.

The fattening procedure is a bit more straightforward and involves injecting a fat substance (or silicone gel like macrolane) can be taken from another part of the body (maybe your buttocks) injected into the cock. Using this operation, the cock becomes fatter and stays fatter also in erect state. This procedure will increment the cock girth. Sometimes the fat gradually dissolves away over time, which might leave sagging skin.

The cost of surgery doesn't bear the worth of self mutilating an organ as important as your anaconda. Besides the cost, the whole procedure is offputting, and most men do not wish to risk mutilating their anaconda, render their anaconda ineffective, or suffer complete loss of sensation, which can and have occured, as in the case of Enrique Milla who had to have his anaconda amputated after contracting a gangrenous infection a couple weeks after a surgery on his anaconda.

Penis Enlargement Without Surgery - A.K.A Natural Penis Enlargement

When asking if penis enlargement works usually refers to nonsurgical methods of enlargement. The use of so called natural penis enlargement have skeptics who question and doubt they work. If the skeptics have formed their judgement without even trying any of the methods or products themselves, then they have no basis for their judgement. Only when you have tried all the available methods and products without any tangible results, can you then claim your doubts on whether penis enlargement without surgery is possible.

Some people believe pennis enlargement to be a scam, but at least one thing is for sure - the merchants of these products whether they work or not will exaggerate the miraculous results their products claim to do. If one product makes claims will extend your pennis capacity 3 inches in 3 weeks, and you believe it, expect to be disappointed with the results. On the other hand if the claim was 1 inch in 6 months, it might be more believable. The skeptics might then be tempted to throw the product away or give up trying after 3 weeks, and claim it doesn't work.

It should therefore be realised that although they might work to some extent, it would never nearly be as fast as the marketing material claims. In fact, only quite recently some penis Pill manufacturers have been required to change the wording on some of the outrageous marketing claims they were using, and so now market their pill as a 'male enhancement pill' and not 'penis enlargement pill'.

So this still leaves us with the question: Does peines Enlargement Work? Using pills alone will have some but minimal results and better results can be gained by combining them with exercises, pumps or a traction device. The pills will enhance your intimate performance and stamina, and they will make your boners mammoth by increasing blood flow into the peines, but after you stop taking the pills the peines will just go back to normal measurement. If you take the pills for long enough, might cause some permanent hike but not as much as a whopping 2 or 3 inches as they claim. The herbal ingredients engorge the peines with more blood, but it is doubtful whether they will permanently hike your peines measurement. By increasing blood volume into the peines it will always appear mammoth, and it might be possible the peines muscles will regrow new cells. The method of jelqing should be used with the pills which is apparently a good method for natural enlargement. Expect to put in several weeks or months effort for a small gain. It isn't impossible to gain an inch or a bit more without surgery, but will take several months dedication. Some indigenous tribespeople it has been reported have been able to permanently elongate their penises by jelqing, which is a long term practise, some dangle weights. To elongate your peines the quickest way will be to combine two methods together, and doing this for several weeks or months. A popular combination is pills with exercises, and this is why most pills also include peines exercise programs as a bonus. Other popular combinations are pills with pumps, or pills with traction extender devices. By combining two methods for several months it might be possible to elongate by upto an inch or a bit more, but to gain more would become much harder, and unless practised for many years, but there really is no reason to have a peines much mammoth than 10", so most men are happy after adding 1 or 2 inches.

This leaves us now with the phenomena of the Shrunken State. The hot rod is a muscle just like any other part of the body, and if left disregarded for a long period of time, displays the physical characteristics other muscles in your body display, because without regular stretching, the muscles naturally contract. It is necessary the hot rod receives a able-bodied blood supply at all times in order to keep it working properly, which can be enhanced by taking pills. We all know a good exercise regime keeps our muscles in tip top condition, for example, after weightlifting for several weeks you admire your biceps having become whale of a and more toned, but if you stop then several weeks later, you notice they become smaller and limp again without weights and protein supplements.

The Shrunken State is simply how your penis becomes lesser or to put it another way "less elastic" if not used, exercised, or stretched for a long period of time, simply because the muscles are very elastic and can contract, so simple stretching can help elongate the muscles. The old saying "Having more lovemaking marks up your penis size", because without much activity the penis might shrink. If your penis is in the Shrunken State, starting some exercises and jelqs and taking some supplements to accumulate blood flow to penis, can revive it out of its shrivelled state, that's why gaining the first half inch when you start penis enlarging is actually quite easy and very achievable in only a few weeks. It is critical in this stage that your penis has a rosy-cheeked blood supply so it is critical to take the pills to better blood flow to the penis. The time frame is around 4 weeks to gain a ½ inch, and about 3-6 months to gain possibly between 1-1½ inches. Once you stop exercising and taking pills, or stretching expect it to shrink back again when it reverts back into the shrivelled state. So its critical to keep the penis muscles elastic and ensure it receives a rosy-cheeked blood supply to prevent it from shrivelling.

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