Jelking Penis Exercises

The act of exercising or stretching of the penis is a regular routine undertaken by men on a daily basis usually for several months in an effort to increase their penis size naturally. The jelking exercises that claim can increase penis size are called natural methods, because it does not involve undergoing penis enlargement surgery. Other forms of natural or non-surgical penis enlargement techniques involve the use of pills, pumps, or penis extenders. Like exercising to build up your biceps or triceps when weightlifting, you can also build up your penis by exercising it too!

The technique of Jelqing, sometimes also called, Milking your penis, is a series of exercises involving the stretching of the penis. Jelqing therefore is basically a form of penis exercising, so penis exercising is associated with Jelqing. Some men have claimed following these instructions properly you can increase your penis size using just your hands in as little as a few months.

The jelking exercises are a series of techniques that involve stretching of the penis muscles, for example the overhand alternating technique, circular jelq and a dozen or so other techniques. The theory is that jelking will stretch your penis muscles and cause cell division and new tissue to form, expanding the capacity to enable your penis to fill with more blood. The fibrous tissues of the penis also have a tendency to constrict if not stretched regularly, so regular stretching is good for the elastic tissues contained in the penis.

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