Medical Name: Sildenafil Citrate

Fact: Viagra Does Not Cause Erections. It Only Makes Them Harder For Longer

Keeping your dick hard is not the same as causing an erection! Most people assume taking viagra instantly causes a rock hard rigid pole that lasts all night. The truth is, it would largely depend on the person taking it, his mood at the time, and the level of his sexual excitement. Viagra is not an aphrodisiac, it does not swell your libido or desire for copulation, rather, it is a drug designed to help you hold harder rigid poles for longer.

Viagra starts to work after you become sexually aroused, but it does not cause arousal itself, so will not cause an erection, but rather responds to the level of your sexual excitement, because this is when your body release a chemical causing an erection to occur. When you become sexually aroused your body naturally releases a type of enzyme into your bloodstream, sending chemical signals that trigger an erection to occur. The release of nitric oxide into the blood during an erection, regulates flow of blood into the penis by expanding the blood vessels, and also restricts blood flowing out. Viagra works by inhibiting a certain receptor called PDE5, which too is released during an erection, and PDE5 slowly breaks down nitric oxide. When the nitric oxide is sufficiently reduced the penis goes limp again when nitric oxide levels are broken down.

So without that trigger to arouse excitement or stimulation, Viagra will not get to work and the effects of Viagra will be hardly noticeable. This is why some men after having taken Pfizer's Blue Pill, report they felt nothing. They were waiting for a rock hard woody to miraculously occur, but they had little libido or form of stimulation to get an erection at all in order to release nitric oxide and get the drug to work.

Extract from Daily Mail, 28 September, 2010

Viagra “Fails to Work for Half of Men who Use it”
viagra does not work too well

A report found that of men surveyed who took Viagra, upto half of them who had taken it reported feeling no effects whatsoever. The problem was found that these men had low testosterone levels to begin with, which is a regulater of sex drive. With low leves of this important hormone, there was a complete lack of sex drive and sexual interest. You have to understand Viagra is not a panancea for all raunchy problems.

How Do I Know If I Have Low Testosterone ?

About 10% of men will suffer low testosterone, although it is natural for levels to decline as you grow older, common symptoms can be tiredness, mood swings, insomnia, and low sex drive. A low testosterone level can affect your libido and copulation desire so affects your ability to get an erection.

Viagra is only a temporary fix

Viagra is only a temporary solution if you have erectile dysfunction problems. Viagra will not permanently cure erectile dysfunction or impotence, and will not prevent premature ejaculation. Viagra will not increase your penis size after taking it for several months.

Many men who do not need Viagra take it anyway thinking it will supercharge their performance into overdrive, but will just be wasting their money if they can't get an erection.

Viagra is a Medicinal Drug

Viagra is a medical drug, and you need an assessment and prescription from a GP before obtaining it. He will need to assess your history of heart health, because Viagra is a powerful drug that puts you at greater risk of heart attack if you have had a history of heart problems. It is particularly dangerous for, and should not be taken by people taking nitrites, or any other medications that contain nitrites, as viagra will not mix well with it. Diabetics fall under this category as do people taking prescriptions for the heart.

Because Viagra is a medicine, it's only available to obtain by prescription from your GP. So a doctor needs to assess whether you need it and if taking the drug will pose any risk to you depending on your history such as high blood pressure, or heart problems. Most users take it as a party drug to gain performance forgetting it is a medical drug designed to help men with a medical problem.

Viagra Health Risks

A few heart attack related deaths have been suspected through the use of Viagra by young healthy men without major heart problems.

Viagra is also believed to temporarily impair color vision in some men.

Internet Generic Viagra

The abundance of so called generic Viagra, which is essentially a copycat version, available to purchase without prescription on the Internet quite easily pose the same and greater health risks.

There is also the possibility of unknowingly obtaining counterfeit or fake versions of the drug, which can contain all sorts of nasty filler compounds and ingredients.

In 2008, a number of Singaporeans were admitted to hospital comatose after taking a generic viagra which was found to contain Glyburide - a drug for diabetics. Although none of the men were diabetic, it lowered their blood sugar levels to dangerous levels. Of the 150 admitted, 7 were left brain damaged, and 4 died.

What Natural Alternative Is There To Viagra ?

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