Penis Size Esteem

The desire for a larger penis is common among men of all sizes, and those that even have an above average size even have the desire for a larger one. The desire to have a satisfactory size penis among most men is more of a want than a need, even men with large penises want it bigger, so size esteem is more of a psychological issue.

Surgical Enlargement of Penis

The exception would be a condition called micropenis where the penis is so small that it lacks the measurement for adequate functioning, let alone giving girls pleasure, and this is a condition that requires surgery. Surgically enhancing the penis otherwise, just for cosmetic purposes, especially when the penis is already an adequate measurement and fully functioning is not usually recommended, as surgery carries certain risks and there is a risk of permanent damage causing the penis to lose function and not work properly. If surgery is indeed sought, the procedure of fattening the organ is far more simplified, adopted and practical than the complicated procedure of lengthening, requiring lengthening the urethra is a more complicated procedure and prone to greater risks of damage to proper functioning of the penis.

Natural Enlargement of Penis

The first choice for any man who wants a larger penis before even contemplating paying for surgery, is to try all the other available methods first. There are various so called natural methods available, referring to the methods for natural penis enlargement without surgery. These methods aim to increment the penis size size allowing it to grow bigger at a natural rate through conditioning that usually involves stretching or tension of the penile tissues.

Some popular natural penis enlargement methods that incorporate conditioning through stretching or tension include:

  1. Jelqing, also known as milking, which is a set of exercises performed on a semi-erect state with the aim of expanding the volume of blood that can flow into the corpus cavernosa which are the chambers in the penis that fill with blood during an erection.
  2. Penis extenders, also known as traction devices, is a device worn on the penis that applies a gentle traction pressure stretching out the penile muscles at a steady rate with the aim of causing cells to divide and new tissue to form.
  3. Penis weights also involve a form of stretching, because it tugs the penile tissues to stretch as it succumbs to the weight. Some tribal people hang weights on their dick whether with the intention of increasing size is unknown.

Using methods such as these, that involve some form of stretching or tension of the penile tissues, should be done with caution and with approved medical devices. If jelqing is not carried out properly, it can potentially damage your penis, and this is the same with using penis extenders. Using these methods if not used correctly may cause penile tissues to tear, or small blood vessels to burst. Stretching exercises or methods should be gentle and progressive and applied with minimal force. Opt for penis extenders of high quality like Proextender.

Other Methods for Natural Penis Enlargement

A penis pump is used by some men specifically to help them get an erection. There are some FDA approved pumps available to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve an erection. A pump can be used to inflate the penis to bigger proportions, and is possible to pump up an erection about 10% bigger than a normal one, but it will not stay this big when the pump is removed, and excessive pumping into this state can cause damage to the penis if not adhered to with the proper instructions. Extended use of a pump, over a long period of time, may condition the penis into holding this larger volume of blood by stretching the penile tissues to allow increased expansion. Extended use of the pump may therefore gradually increase penis size.

The use of penis enlargement pills are unlikely to have any lasting permanent effects on size, but will temporarily make your penis bigger while taking them from increased blood flow into penis. After taking pills, your flaccid penis will appear fatter than usual as more blood flows into it, and your aroused size may be temporarily upgraded, yet if the pills are stopped the penis may go back to normal size due to less blood flow to the penis. If the pills are taken for long enough, the penis may grow into the new size, but even if it does it would be unlikely to ever grow more than an inch through this method. Most pills are now marketed as male enhancement as opposed to penis enlargement to avoid some confusion, as the pills can skyrocket sex drive and erection firmness, yet are unlikely to permanently grow your penis size by any sufficient size.

Choosing a Natural Penis Enlargement Method

A combination of methods can be used with the aim of increasing your penis size, and combining two or more methods may give better results in less time. If using natural penis enlargement methods, permanent penis enlargement will take several weeks of conditioning.

The use of a penis extender has been report to give some good results if used for 6 months or more you may be able to increase your size permanently. Other methods for good results are a combination of penis pills and jelqing for several weeks.

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