What is the Penis Size Requirement to Satisfy Woman?

Most men tend to think a bigger penis is required to satisfy a woman, but this may be a false belief that is not necessarily true. Studies suggest more women might disagree with this assumption, and will rank performance as more important. After all what good is a big penis if you can't get it up? Women might also include experience too when rating the sexual experience, unlike men, who are just interested in the sex, women fantasize more about encounters and romanticism and stuff that men don't.

If, however, your penis is really small, then this will prevent you from even giving satisfactory sex, because you will have trouble penetrating the vagina during strokes. This problem, however, will only apply to very small penises. Other problems that reduce sexual performance might include stomach bulge acting as an obstruction, experienced by fat people, who cannot enjoy good sex. Being fat also makes your penis look smaller. Other performance issues include premature ejaculation, and not being able to stay hard for long - a symptom called erectile dysfunction.

So performance by far plays a more important role than size, that is, as long as your average size or bigger. By this, it means being able to maintain a big hard erection for long enough to give her satisfactory sex. A lot of men have problems keeping hard erections for long enough to give the woman the pleasure she desires, so couples seek to use products like viagra or Vigrx pills to help them stay bigger and harder for longer, or to last longer.

Some causes for limp erections could be just be low sex drive or low libido or low fertility caused by hormonal imbalance, or just low sperm production. By using natural testosterone boosting herbs,and sexual stimulating herbs found in penis pills like Vigrx pills will help you get bigger harder erections that stay hard for longer and you can also boost your libido,sex drive and stamina at the same time. This is the added benefit of using herbal male enhancement supplements like Vigrx Plus pills because unlike Viagra, these supplements do not require prescription becasue they are supplements not drugs.

If you doubt these herbs can work, you should know that various studies have been undertaken on the effects these herbs and natural substances have on male virility and fertility, which have been selected for use in these products because they are effective, and have been used in various corners of the globe long before Viagra even existed. The herbs have long been used because as they are effective in treating, or curing male impotence and low fertility problems. If you feel that your erections are weak or your stamina is undermining your performance, a course of male enhancement pills just might do the trick!

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