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Avoid Damaging Your Penis When Enlarging It

Penis Enlargement Surgery

The most riskiest of cock enlargement methods is having surgery. If the operation is not done by a qualified or competent surgeon, the risks are highest, and can lead to the cock being left semi-mutilated and permanently damaged. Even if the operation is done by a qualified and competent surgeon, does not mean the operation will have a 100% success rate. There will always be a few people who suffer some kind of mishap post operation.

Take for example the case of Enrique Milla, although his operation was not for enlargement but for the insertion of a penile implant to help with his erectile dysfunction, he was one of the unlucky few, as a few weeks after the operation his spitting cobra contracted a gangrenous infection which ultimately resulted in him having to have his spitting cobra amputated. He went on to sue the surgeons for incompetency, but they counterargued that it was his fault for not keeping the area hygienic after the operation.

The possibility of nerve afflict after having an operation will result in it being harder if not possible at all to get pennis tents. This could occur through severing a nerve during the surgery. There is also the risk of disrupting blood supply to the schlong which will deprive the schlong of oxygen supply and the schlong will rot away. The risks and spread of infections are possible too, that can infect the schlong. If blood supply is disrupted or infection is very severe, it can result in the total loss of the schlong altogether. There is also the risk of afflict to the urethra and disruption of the flow of urine that might result in uncontrollable dribbling. A schlong might also become deformed and take on a different asymmetrical shape that becomes noticeable after healing post operation. There is also the risk of losing all or part of the sensations in the schlong through nerve afflict. It is always possible you will not be able to get pennis tents properly after an operation.

The lengthening surgery which involves tissue grafting and extension of the urethra poses more risks of complication than the fattening procedure, and lengthening has a lower satisfaction and success rate than fattening. The fattening involves fat being injected into the peines to make it fatter. The fat could be taken from another part of the body, or substitute could be used such as a silicone type of material for example macrolane. Both procedures, whether fattening or lengthening, carry substantial risks of permanently damaging the peines. Even if the fattening is a bit safer than lengthening, it shouldn't be carried out for the purpose of cosmetic beauty like a breast enhancement, because the peines is a more complicated and complex organ that has a more crucial role and so needs to function properly, so the loss of functioning of such a vital organ will be taken more personally.

It is more common where dick enlargement surgery is necessary, in the event of physical mutilate after an accident, an inherited abnormality, or micropenis, then otherwise it is not recommended to consider enlarging your dick surgically. If your dick is currently in normal working condition and functioning properly, then it is just best to leave it than have surgery.

“A dozen or so men reported pain and suffered from erectile dysfunction, inability to get poke shafts after a penis enlargement surgery in a Swedish clinic which involved the use of an augmentation gel called macrolane, which was injected into the penis...the incompetency of the surgeons results ranged from uneven spread of the gel causing unsightly lumps to form, erectile dysfunction, and pain in the penis. - 26 Sep 11 , The Local, Sweden

Natural Penis Enlargement

The term 'natural black mamba enlargement' often refer to the methods to elongate your black mamba without having surgery, then it should not be assumed because it is “natural” that it is safe and without risks.

Using pills or boner creams are low risk and will rarely cause afflict to your pecker, and the only risk is an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients which might cause agitation from a pill, or a rash from the cream, but this would be more unlikely. If jelqing, using pumps, or pecker extenders, then these are slightly higher risk and there is possibility of afflict which could be temporary that should heal after a few days or weeks depending how severe it is, for example if you tear a pecker ligament from wearing a pecker extender too tightly for too long. If petting or boners become painful after using a product, or you bruise your pecker, or it becomes swollen, or you tear a muscle from using the extender, then you should stop using the product immediately and will have to wait a few days or weeks for your pecker to heal.


If a pump is not used correctly, it can cause temporary spoil to the Ding Dong. Pumps can be overused and lead to swelling of the Ding Dong head, which should subside after a couple days. By pumping up the Ding Dong causing excessive swelling that is held in this state for a prolonged period can potentially bruise the Ding Dong and could even burst minute less good-sized blood vessels which is not what you want. After the Ding Dong is pumped up into its 'larger than usual' state, it is recommended not to hold it in this state for more than 5 minutes at a time. If you bruise the Ding Dong muscles it will cause an ache that may last a few days.

Penis Extenders

The spitting cobra extenders exert pressure on the spitting cobra wall muscles by stretching. The manufacturers will tell you not to wear it for longer than a set amount of hours at a time in their instruction manuals. This might be 3 hours at a time, give or take an hour, so make sure you read the instructions, and wear it for the recommended amount of time. Wearing it for 12 hours at a time every day will only put pressure on your spitting cobra and result in greater possiblity of tearing a spitting cobra ligament which can occur. It will be better to wear it on and off a few times rather than just once for a long time, so don't sleep wearing it! If you do the strap up too tight also and/or wear it for longer than recommended, you risk tearing the spitting cobra muscles or damaging it, in which event will lead to you not being able to get hot rods properly and will take several days or a few weeks to heal properly, and when you do get hot rods this might cause pain. Any pressure applied to the spitting cobra should be gentle and easy, and not forceful or stressed.


If jelqing or doing exercises, follow the instructions. always remember to do the warm up with a hot towel before starting exercising, in order to relax the penis muscles. When doing the jelqs, try not to squeeze too hard. Most jelqing instructions tell you to only jelq when your penis is between 50-75% erect, as doing the jelqs on a rock hard penis can spoil it, as you squeeze the blood vessels too hard. Like pumps, jelqing can easily be overdone, so do it moderately. Failure to follow the instruction properly can result in spoil to small blood vessels, or bruise penis ligaments. See: Proper Warm Up and Basis Jelqing Techniques

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