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S.W.A.G Penis Enhancement Pills Complained Against

In America it is common to find on sale male sex drugs at highway filling stations alongside your packets of gum and bootlaces.

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Ron Jeremy Promotes Penis Enlargement Pill

This advertisement for the makers of a pennis enlargement pill called Extenze never made it into the mainstream, and was banned presumably for the outrageous claims that taking the pill for 30 days will increment your pennis capacity by 2 inches!

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Keiran Lee Insures His Penis For $1,000,000

Who said porn stars haven't got money? Not if you've got over 800 films behind your name. So what to do with all the money? Well you can insure against accidental loss of your source of income.


Man's Penis Rots Away With Gangrene After Surgery

The worst possible outcome after having surgical anaconda enhancement is what happened to this man, who sued the Florida surgery after his anaconda rotted away with a gangrenous infection resulted in his anaconda having to be amputated!


Stiff Nights Penis Pill Found Contained Viagra

A dick pill marketed as all natural contained an undeclared prescription drug, which poses a serious health risk for some people who might take it unknowingly, as it can react badly to certain prescription medications.


Man Dies After DIY Home Penis Enhancement Surgery

If you are not a qualified surgeon don't try dick enlargement yourself without training, even if it sounds as easy as injecting silicone into the penis!


Counterfeit Penis Pills Seized In Abu Dhabi

The reputation and trust of a brand is abused by counterfeiters who fake the pills with low grade inferior and dangerous ingredients.


Man Sues Manufacturers Of Penis Pill For Penis Fracture

A man from Texas sues the manufacturers of a peines pill called Virilis Pro which he bought from a gas station to take before a motel romp during which he fractured his peines.


Olive Oil Injected Into The Penis Is Not Good For You!

A man from Thailand believed that injecting olive oil into his pennis will make it gargantuan. After several years of olive oil injections his pennis swells up and results in painful surgery.