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Not a Myth: Bigger Penis is Better

Mass survey of over 4000 women shows evidence that the majority of women prefer enormous penises, finds that women think enormous penises both more visually appealing to look at than smaller penises, and would choose a enormous cock over a smaller one if given the choice, and most agree sex is more exciting with an enormous cock.

How to enlarge your Penis Size

A look at various methods that are used that can be used to increase the size of the penis.

Herbs That Can Boost Sexual Performance

A breakdown of the ingredients and herbs used in male enhancement pills, their origins, uses, and effects.

Health Risks of Viagra on Heart

A look at the various factors of how Viagra can be dangerous, with reports of dangerous side effects for people using this drug if they have a heart disorder.

The Ego of Men with Small Penises

Men with small penises find their penis size an obstacle to a fulfilling sex life and consequently this affects forming relationships.

Are Penis Enlargement Pills Safe?

A look at the possible health risks of penis enlargement pills in general finds they are safe, but people with certain medical conditions like diabetes may need to exercise a bit of caution and be informed of how the ingredients might effect them.

Is 5 mins Premature? How to Last Longer in bed

A look at the various hypothesized causes of premature ejaculation and the various methods to try and treat it.

Is penis Enlargement Possible or is it a Scam?

Is the whole penis enlargement thing all that it makes out to be. The answer is yes it is possible to grow your penis without surgery, but it is unlikely you can gain by multiple inches in a short period of time.

Pomegranate Effects like Natural Viagra

University study carried out on the effects of pomegranate ellagic acid and its ability to boost nitric oxide in blood showed it very beneficial for men with erectile dysfunction.

Foods and Nutrition for penis health

A list of foods and nutrition that will develop your sexual health and your performance and libido.

Techniques For Better sex and Explosive Orgasms

A guide to how to be better at lovemaking.

Importance of Blood Flow For Erectile Health

A look at what results in and the importance of blood flow to the penis vital for erectile stamina.

Is penis size Important?

Do women prefer big penises and what they really think about size.

Precautions Before Doing penis Enlargement exercises

Some precautionary tips before starting penis enlargement and how to use the various products with proper use. Your penis should be a priority before you start using these methods and products.

Boring sex Life Caused By Low sex Drive

The impacts of low sex drive or breakdown in lustful frequency on the sex life and relationship of couples.

How To Avoid Buying Fake Penis Enlargement Pills

A checklist to help you avoid being scammed includes a simple check of the website along with the business contact details, and you also need to know what quality ingredients the pills contain.

Erectile Dysfunction May Be Indicative of Impending Heart Disease

A study finds a link between heart disease and erectile dysfunction, where the erectile dysfunction is an effect of heart disease.

Improving Your Sexual Performance

some suggestions to improve your performance in the bedroom and be a better lover.

How To Boost Semen Quality And Increase Fertility

Advice on how to avoid certain activities that can damage quality of your semen and fertility.

What Causes An Erection

A physiological overview of the processes that results in an erection occurring.

Natural Penis Enlargement Benefits Over Penis Enlargement Surgery

The health risks and dangers of surgery means choosing natural penis enlargement methods should be your first and only choice.

Simple Basic Jelqing Techniques Also Called Milking Or Penis Exercising

A simple basic jelqing technique that can be practised anywhere. Jelqing 3 or 4 times a week will boost your cock size considerably after doing it for several months or years.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Is A Big Gamble

Penis enlargement surgery can and does go wrong, and the unlucky men who are unfortunately affected as a result of the surgery will usually end up with a useless penis, unable to function or perform as it used to be, maybe inability to get an erection, or problems urinating, loss of sensation to nerves, but in the worse case scenario, the worst that can happen is to be left with no penis at all!

General Information About Penis Pills

An overview of Penis enhancement pills, their emergence to popularity, and how they work, this article helps you with some deciding factors for you to consider when choosing to buy a penis enhancement pill.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

A zinc deficiency can cause a whole host of problems and low libido and sex drive is one of them - the main determinant of your desire to engage in activity can be affected which can be damaging to your sexual health or relationships.

How To Get Free Penis Enlargement Pills

There is no such thing as a free lunch, so if you are trying to find some free penis enlargement pills, or at least decent ones, you'll have a hard time looking unless someone is willing to give some away! The best you can do is find a top merchant who offers a free trial or sample of their pills, so after some searching we found only one merchant of a pill worth buying offering a free trial of their pills and all you pay is a small shipping cost...don't forget to cancel before the month!

How To Stay Erect Hard For Longer

For a harder longer lasting erection viagra would probably be the option most likely sought, as viagra is often associated with the image of rock hard all night erections, yet there are alternative options for men who can't get viagra, or don't want to take it. Some herbs used before even viagra existed can also help your erections stay hard for longer.

Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Excessive indulgence of porn and porn based masturbation, it has been argued, is to blame for a growing epimedic of young men experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which is normally uncommon for men under the age of 40. The easy accessibility to internet based porn, and overindulgence of it, it is thought affects the normal reward/pleasure pathetechniques associated with procreative stimuli to porn material, and excessive consumption of the porn ultimately leads to a state where it has no effect on sexual response or becomes no longer exciting to view.

How To Get Stronger Erections

There are various courses of action to get stronger erections whether using pharmaceutical breakthroughs or the more natural way if you prefer by adopting the use of certain powerful herbs that are known as natural viagras.

Hidden Ingredients Found In Male Enhancement Drugs Pose Risk To People On Medication

Some hidden ingredients such as undeclared viagra are commonly used in male enhancement supplements by suppliers who wish the user to feel the effects of viagra. Sometimes the viagra is hidden and not declared on the supplement ingredients. This poses a risk as viagra can interact badly with certain medications, so should be declared to inform those people on these medications before taking the supplements.