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Penis Pill Called Stiff Nights Marketed As Natural Found Contained Undeclared Prescription Drug


How can you claim your penis pill has a 100% success rate sure to make your customers come back for more? You put viagra in the pills. At least this is what the manufacturer of a brand called Stiff Nights did, but was sniffed out by investigators and lab analysis of the pills found contained viagra.

As this ingredient was not declared on the label, it can pose a serious health risk to some people who may take it unknowingly, as viagra can interact badly with other prescription drugs.

If you take medication containing nitrites, which include prescriptions for diabetes, heart conditions, or blood pressure, best to avoid cock enlargement pills if you can't be sure that all the ingredients are natural. The danger of this pill was that it was marketed as 100% natural, which it was not.

Source: http://newswire.xbiz.com/view.php?id=149521

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