Penis Size Matters. Do you measure up?

Men are known to obsess over their penis size. They are accustomed to believe women prefer a walloping giant penis, which is very true, women like bigger penis. All women like bigger penis, the bigger the better up to a certain limit. With a huge penis the man believes he can give more satisfaction to the woman. The man also thinks he'll look more desirable with a bigger penis. Women also prefer bigger penis, so don't believe them when they say penis size isn't important, it's likely a kind gesture, but deep down you know they are lying and that penis size matters.

Women judge men by penis size and men seem to notice. The women who have engaged with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of partners usually end up settling with the one with the biggest (or one of the biggest) penis. For women this is a selective process that they carry out unconsciously. Women end up judging penis size, so penis size goes a long way in giving the man the confidence he needs when revealing to women. A small one just looks unappealing to them. How do we know? Because of the mass survey carried out see below.

Penis Size Matters: Bigger is Better

The penis size is also essential for better sex as women like the feeling of bigger penis which is the reason you see all women owning massive dildos - dildos much bigger and fatter than your average size cock. Size doesn't matter it's what you do with it! is often heard. This is nonsense. All women fantasize about big penises and like bigger penis. Women do not have fantasies of small penis. Women fantasize of big penis penetration. A big penis is more visually appealing and results in uncontrollable wanton state of excitement, ultimately making her pussy wet with excitement. This poll's results just prove these facts are all true.

Useful facts discovered by poll proving penis size matters in which thousands of women responded shows that women like bigger penis

  • Over 70% of women agree intercourse feels better with a big penis. In contrast a small minority less than 10% said it hurt more.
  • Women are 14 times more likely to dump you just for having a small penis, than having a big penis
  • Penises over 8" long and thick cause increased excitement in women
  • If given a choice, 9 out of 10 women will choose to have sex with the man with the bigger penis
  • Penis size is given more importance than the man's looks
  • Over 80% of women agree bigger is better
  • Women think big penises are nicer to look at, more visually appealing and arouses more excitement
  • Having a king black mamba is more important than being good at oral
  • If presented with a large, medium, and small penis, women will choose the large to insert vaginally, medium to insert anally, and small to insert orally

If your penis is less than 7" you should seriously think about enlarging it with penis extender which can increase in length by 2 inches, if you want to give her good hard poking that will keep her satisfied.

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Source/Proof: Misterpol Survey: Survey Proving Women Prefer Bigger Penises