Pomegranate Increases Nitric Oxide Levels In Blood Helping Erections Stay Harder for Longer

Pomegranate Origins

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The pomegranate is a sacred and ceremonial fruit revered in its native land surrounding the Euphrates and is a symbol of health and fertility. There is documented records of the fruit as far back as ancient Greek and Egyptian civilizations. It is believed to have been cultivated by farmers 4000 years ago in Persia; before this time the wild version predates human civilization.

Pomegranate Health Benefits On Heart and Circulation

The Pomegranate is chock full of vitamins and minerals and has a very high antioxidant content, which means it has a multitude of health benefits, especially good for blood and heart. The high antioxidant content fights free radicals and so promotes robust blood flow by breaking down arterial plaque and preventing hardening of the artery walls, allowing blood vessels to expand more which aids blood flow. It flushes out toxins from the blood, lowers cholesterol and breaks down fatty deposits so purifies the blood, reducing the risk of heart attacks. It is considered especially good for the heart because it keeps blood from clogging up and improves circulation and blood flow.

Pomegranate Good For Blood Flow and Erectile Dysfunction

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Pomegranate can be beneficial to men with impotence and erectile dysfunction because of the properties it possesses. Among one of the causes of erectile dysfunction are build up of arterial plaque which hampers blood flow to the penis, diabetes which can damage blood vessels walls, high blood pressure is a tightening of the arteries, heart disease and poor blood circulation. The root cause of erectile dysfunction is a sluggish supply of blood to the penis.

Pomegranate helps because the high antioxidant content purifies blood by removing toxins, and strengthens artery walls, improving blood flow to the penis. It also stabilizes a normal blood pressure and sugar levels, and this is all good for circulation and a stout heart. The elimination of free radicals and build up of arterial plaque will allow vessels to expand more allowing increased volumes of blood to flow vital oxygen around the body.

The build up of arterial plaque is a result of the accumulation of free radicals or toxins, which build up over time. Various toxins enter the body over time from smoking, alcohol consumption, trans-fats from junk food, chemicals released through stress, even the pollution in the air that we breath. By reducing the build up of free radicals and subsequent accumulation of arterial plaque you can maintain a stout blood flow and circulation.

Research Proved Pomegranate Improves Erection Hardness

Research showed daily large intake of Pomegranate ellagic acid increased levels of nitric oxide in the blood, which is a natural body producing chemical released by the body every time an erection occurs and is the chemical that causes erection to stay hard. The way viagra works is by blocking an enzyme also released simultaneously by the body during erection which breaks down nitric oxide. By blocking this enzyme has the effect of maintaining higher levels of nitric oxide which means the erection stays hard for longer. Pomegranate does not block this enzyme that breaks down nitric oxide like what viagra does, but has the effect of increasing levels of nitric oxide, either way, with more nitric oxide in the blood the erection stays harder for longer.

Large daily intake of pomegranate is extremely beneficial to men with erectile dysfunction and has been tried and tested in clinical trials with real people. For example, at the University of California, test subjects drinking pure pomegranate juice daily for several weeks reported improvement in erections. The documented research reports can be found at the International Journal of Impotence Research.

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