Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction

The term porn induced erectile dysfunction is a new concept that was coined to describe a growing problem that has become ever more prevalent among young men in today's world of the Internet, and the ready easy accessibility to pornographic material.

Back in the days before the Internet, porn was not readily available to access without obtaining it by effort or cost, and if you were motivated to satisfy your curiosity as would any young man, you had to pluck up the courage and endure the embarassment of buying a top-shelf magazine, loitering around for a chance to buy it when when there's no queue, so you don't have to endure the embarrassment if there are people behind you in the queue. Even the counter teller gives you funny semi disapproving looks. This was necessary before the Internet if you wanted to watch porn, you had to buy a magazine, or videos from some seedy backstreet shop.

Today, surfing the web, porn is abundant and free, and it is even hard not to avoid it, and when natural curiosity take hold, it is not difficult to be led deeper into a world that can potentially become addictive and harmful.

The harmful effects of consuming excessive porn can range from social isolation and problems forming real world relationships, intimacy problems, and of course porn induced erectile dysfunction. The objectification of real humans into objects purely for sexual gratification can also lead some wayward people down a darker path. Pornography has been proposed a catalyst and trigger for many sexual crimes. Though contested not to be the cause, to the people that are susceptible, it has been proposed pornography has acted as a catalyst and played a part in encouraging sexual crimes.

The problem of porn induced erectile dysfunction is a masturbation problem. Viewing porn, the normal response is one of arousal, with the release of chemicals in the brain triggered by sexual excitement, pathtechniques are created that associate the material with this mini-high. Viewing porn results in a faster heartbeat, sexual excitement, an erection and the need to masturbate to relieve the erection that has been caused. This is the normal response when experiencing or viewing porn and it is more intense during the first encounters with pornography, and the intensity of this sexually charged excitement gradually reduces the more porn you consume and are exposed to, until eventually, overindulgence of porn leads to porn having no effect on arousal. This is porn induced erectile dysfunction. Much like the tolerance of alcoholics and drug addicts build up, consuming more and more to get a smaller effect.

The reward of this mini-high, actually becomes addictive, and like all addictions, in time more is needed to achieve the same high, and overindulgence ultimately results in an inability to get the same level of sexual excitement high, but rather all the new injections accumulates into a cesspit which churns out a dirty and polluted low.

Before Internet porn, pornographic material was hard to come by, and seldom encountered without effort. The emergence of the readily available porn today is thought has resulted in a rise of young men reporting symptoms of porn induced erectile dysfunction, where having consumed too much porn, they no longer feel sexually aroused or excited when viewing it and find it hard to get erections from visual stimulation, which shouldn't be occuring in men in their teens and twenties. Of course it may also just an age thing.

These men have overindulged in porn based masturbation, and increasingly find they have to delve deeper into different genres of porn in an attempt to find new avenues of fresh stimulation.

From overindulging in the material they have become accustomed to only getting aroused from looking at pornographic material and it has become a prerequisite tool for masturbation. These same men now find that in the presence of a real person they are unable to feel aroused and get erections, because the overindulgence in porn has isolated and diverged them away from the natural and normal responses that men feel when experiencing excitement.

If erectile dysfunction symptoms occur among young men in their teens and twenties, it is unlikely to be physiological problems at this age but more a psychological problem, if they have just masturbated to a lot of Internet porn and not had real relationships, where they have overindulged in their responses to sexual excitement and subsequent buzz, and no longer experience the racing heartbeat and rock hard cocks that was associated with viewing sexually explicit material.

If the problem is not physiological, there have been quite a lot of men, who have had the same problem, reporting that abstinence from porn and masturbation, slowly brings back a normal libido, sex drive, and improvement in erections. Typically, by abstaining from porn and masturbation for a long period should bring back a normal libido. If a picture of a woman in a short skirt is enough to cause a sexual response and movement down below, would be considered a more normal sexual response than only being able to achieve the same level of excitment from viewing explicit hardcore pornography.

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