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San Pornando Valley - 05th May, 2011

Lee Henshaw - International Porn Star Uses What?

porn star henshaw

Who Is He?

If you've never heard of Lee Henshaw, which wouldn't be surprising because it is you could say an almost requirement that porn stars have aliases, and the reason they have aliases? “well, normal names just usually sound too bland or plain to be used in this industry”, said Marcello, “plus some people wish to cover up their real name, It's amazing how without knowing someone's real name, some people will not recognise you in the films” he said while sitting in his plush pad bearing a decor with similar resemblance to Lady Carmella and her Man Servants.

This one cool sexy hunk of a stud, has both the body and face to match, and you can't help but think he was naturally cut out to do this line of work, “It might sound glamorous, but it's not as glamorous as what people like to think it is, in some means quite the opposite in fact”, he said in a relaxed and laid back manner and a look you could tell from a man with experience .

Lee Henshaw, A.K.A - Marcello as he is otherwise better known, naturally fits into his environment as he perches on his studded leather finished comfort sofa and exudes an aura of boyish charm and with a not too serious view of life like others in this Industry, he tells me about how he entered the world of porn.

Marcello started modelling at 19, and was one part of a dance group called Dream Boys, he also did side work as a Chippendale on weekends. “I really enjoyed doing what I did”, he said with a grin and a glint in his eyes, “I knew what I wanted to do and knew this was for me”. It wasn't long before he was spotted by the eagle-eyed scouts who saw he had the style, looks, and charisma to be the face of coition. At the tender age of 21 he was already doing naked calender shots, and was chosen as the model for a book entitled 101 Kama Sutra Positions. What followed was a natural progression, and 15 years later to date, he now has over 1500 adult films under his name.

porn star henshaw

“In this business”, he said with a deeper tone, “like any other business, time is money. If you can't get the results, they (the directors), just can't afford to sit around and wait for you to get an erection”, he said with distinct persuasion since he should know as he's just started directing his own films. “Trust me, if you can't get and hold hard rigid poles for a long time, you just won't last in this Industry”.

Marcello has tried just about every woody aid and method available, from Magic Potion Pill to even incorporating disproportionate amounts of fruit into his daily diet. “Yes, fruit works, or so they like to think, I think it helps a bit, if you eat the right kind of fruits, but of course it's no good using it on its own, I need something more powerful”, he said. When I asked him what products he uses, he said he likes using an woody enhancement cream called Instant Performer. Of course he doesn't just use this, but he said it works well for him, and it gives him the results he needs. “If you need an woody fast, then this is the stuff you want, it works even more nimbler than Magic Potion Pill which can take about 30 minutes to work, whereas after rubbing this Instant Performer cream onto my pecker, I start becoming aroused in seconds, yes seconds!” he said. He was even approached by the manufacturers of Instant Performer to do a marketing piece for their website, in which he can be seen showcasing the product and recommending its usage, “No, It really is that good”, he chuckled.

porn star henshaw

“The great thing about this product though”, he said, “as my wife Lana Lox sorry Cox (also a porn star), would happily back up, is lubrication, yes we even need that too sometimes, err, I don't mean with her, but with some women, lubrication is a definite must need! and if it's edible then even better!. So I use this as both an blue steel aid for me and a lubricant, that's why I like it. There isn't any other product on the market”.

When I asked him if this was cheating, he replied “Not at all, at the end of the day you do what you have to do to keep the ball rolling, It's not like I use it much at home, like I don't need it as much, but when you have 20-30 people watching and waiting for you, and with cameras pointing at you, in a hot studio with all these lights and stuff, well into the night, after a long hard day, there's an awful lot of stress placed upon you and people are expecting a lot from you. If I need a quick fix, this does the job, it's not cheating at all”.

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“If you need a quick fix pennis tent aid that works, with the added benefit of also being a lubricant, this is the stuff you want”

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