Bigger Penis is Better

Why is a large penis better? What makes a big penis better? In a survey it was found nearly all women agree it feels better with a bigger penis, and a big penis has far more sex appeal. You've heard size isn't important, and that you can satisfy her other ways, yet this is far from the truth. If given the choice between a big penis and small one, guaranteed the survey found nearly all women will choose the bigger one, and the penis size is also given more weight than even the man's handsome face!

A handful of a penis in a woman's eyes is far more desirable and sexually appealing, and erotically-enticing than a small one. In the same smutty response and excitement men feel looking at women's breasts, who prefer nice size shapely and firm breasts over small flat chested ones, women also feel the same about penises.

Penis triggers a natural curiosity in women, and they are naturally drawn towards larger ones, maybe because the big penis appear in their fantasies. Upon seeing a huge erect penis, the natural response for woman is one of increased excitement and the desire to be penetrated. The more bigger it is in size the more sexually aroused the woman becomes, and lubricates in preparation for penetration. The big penis is the stuff of their dreams and fantasies, small penises do not appear in woman's fantasies.

Reasons to Enlarge your Penis

  • Reason #1 - You want a larger penis and wish it were bigger
  • Reason #2 - More than 2/3 of women place more importance on penis size than oral skills
  • Reason #3 - 8 out of 10 women agree a bigger penis feels better in the vagina and think sex more stimulating
  • Reason #4 - More than 2/3 of women will consider dumping you just for having a small cock
  • Reason #5 - A huge 8" - 10" cock brings about excitement in women by a factor 5× more than an average size penis
  • Reason #6 - If your partner has several lovers she will most likely choose to be with the one with the largest penis, even if he is uglier than you
  • Reason #7 - If given a choice all girls will choose to have sex with the man with the bigger penis
  • Reason #8 - Women prefer to look at and are turned on sexually seeing a big erect throbbing cock than a small limp one
  • Reason #9 - If given the opportunity your lover will choose to have an affair with a man who has a larger penis than you just for the experience of feeling a big cock in her
  • Reason #10 - If you are rich with a small penis, then it's highly likely she'll have a secret lover with a bigger penis

As you can see, there are many advantages to having a big penis, and girls like a bigger penis. Yes you might satisfy her with a small penis, but she secretly desires a bigger one, and no matter what they say, girls will always prefer a bigger penis. The reason most girls own dildoes that are 8, 9, or 10 inches, far bigger than the average size pecker, is because they naturally desire a bigger one, and a dildo will have to suffice if they haven't got a huge cock available for them.

These reasons are backed up by results from a statistical survey

Source: Survey Proving Women Prefer Bigger Penises

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