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Ron Jeremy In Extenze Ad

Extenze a manufacturer of a male enhancement pill, made outrageous claims that taking 2 of their pills every day for 30 days will hike your anaconda size by 2 inches! This is pie in the sky, but what better way to get the message across than by hiring a famous porn star for the promotion. In order to protect consumer rights, such exaggerated, outrageous and false advertising claims cannot be used to lure consumers into a false pretence about the effects from a product which will never materialize.

Extenze were later hit with a class action lawsuit about the outrageous claims used in their advertising for their penis pills, and has since been required to change all the wording they use to promote their pill, and now the Extenze brand is marketed as a 'male enhancement pill' for enhanced performance, in lieu of 'penis enlargement' pill.

They are in fact a very good male enhancement brand, and the outrageous claims of size growth, was however, a common occurance with other merchants of weenie willie pills.

What Exactly Is He Promoting?

Extenze is a male enhancement pill you can use to enhance your passionate performance and boost your lovemaking drive. View the video of Ron Jeremy pushing Extenze: Ron Jeremy Extenze Video.