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Dowdy Old Frump Makes Complaint Against SWAG Male Enhancement Pill

A sex sensitive and frustrated old frump made a formal complaint against a certain product on sale at a filling station, because the cover of the product showed cartoon sex illustration of stick figures having sex, being sold and advertised on the same eye level as her little infant. It turned out that the product in question was actually banned by the FDA, but was still being pushed by the manufacturers. The product had formerly been tested positive for containing the active substance called sildenafil the one used in Viagra. It is unlawful to sell Viagra without a licence. Even worse, the product called S.W.A.G, was mislabelled, and contained undeclared viagra. No mention of it containing viagra could be found. It marketed itself as caterpillar fungus, referring to the substance called cordyceps, a type of fungus known to have been found growing on caterpillars in Tibet, and traditionally been used as a natural aphrodisiac.

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