Premature Ejaculation can be extremely frustrating

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Premature ejaculation can be a frustrating experience for both partners who want sex to last longer. The problem of premature ejaculation is frustrating to both the man and woman an if the symptom never improves, then it can become a frustation. This frustration becomes an obstacle for the man and woman to have a satisfying sex life, because one or both of them will become frustrated, because they want sex to last longer.

The anticipation and expectation of cumming is a psychological symptom and if he feels anxious may cause early ejaculation. The problem only gets worst the more he thinks about it so the best is to just let go. The confidence could be compromised by watching pornography, and he may begin to feel an underperformer who cannot satisfy women.

There is no standard length of time to define premature but less than 3 minutes is considered below average. Some men can last 20 minutes or more but only a small minority less than 5 percent of men. The vast majority last between 3 and 5 minutes.

About five minutes is considered about normal, but is still to brief for most couples who want longer sex. Some men try various techniques to try and train themselves to last longer. Some try delay sprays which contain anaesthetic that temporarily dumb the nerve sensations of the penis helping you last longer.

Men with severe premature ejaculation have extremely sensitive penises, like a boy. The penis usually becomes less sensitive as you age and the more you have sex, so it may be a development problem. Some theories have even suggested early masturbation from a young age precipitates premature ejaculation! Some men ejaculate even prior to entering the vagina or on immediate contact can happen. This is a very sensitive and embarassing situation for any man.

How to Last Longer

It is possible to train yourself out of premature emanation by engaging in more sex? The following is a checklist you can tick off before self diagnosis.

  • Age and experience should be ruled out, as younger, less experienced, frisky, excited men tend to ejaculate sooner
  • New partner and physical attraction should be ruled out. Having a new attractive partner may cause increased arousal or excitement or nervousness which motivates you to ejaculate sooner.
  • The first few encounters with the sleeping partner should be ruled out as premature secretion should diminish with increased frequency of activity with the same partner. Having more lovemaking with the same person will help you last longer.
  • Location should be ruled out, as sometimes the setting and situation might cause you to ejaculate sooner purposefully, where the whole encounter is rushed, for example in an elevator, you want it finished quickly, or in a public place like a beach where you think you might be spotted.

If the problem of premature ejaculation still exists after ruling out these possible checks, then you need to find an alternative way to last longer.

Stop & Start Technique

A popular exercise called the Stop&Start technique can be practised and is supposed to help you last longer. This is an exercise of stimulating yourself to just before the point of no return, which is just before the moment you feel an emission coming on, and then you stop stimulating yourself to prevent the emission, and then start again when you feel ready. Doing this constantly you can train yourself to last longer. If you feel you might explode, pull out of her vagina and wait a few minutes before pumping again. You should also use your hands with plenty of a erection lube like instant performer, for instance.

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