How To Boost Production Of Your Natural Yoghurt

Like natural yoghurt, semen should be white and healthy.

Not many would know this but in the same way women have menstrual cycles that dictate their level of fertility (and horniness or irritability) depending on the day of the month, so men also have a hormonal cycle that affects their level of fertility at various periods of time. Although semen can be ejaculated at will at any time, the quality of your spunk will differ at times. The fertility and quality of your spunk will be affected by volume of able ejaculation, but motility of sperm is an unseen phenomena, and also morphology of sperm too is unseen and cannot be ascertained without a microscope. Large volumes of motile and well formed semen means increased fertility for the man. An infertile man suffers from a combination of these unseen influences that worsens with age, with men over age 50 having significantly reduced fertility.

Damage to Sperm Production

Various factors can affect production and quality of sperm and ejaculations. An hormonal imbalance, or health issues such as obesity may cause hormonal deficiency leading to poorer quality and lower production of semen. Some genetic conditions can also affect production and quality. A history of sexual infections or disease is also likely to have an impact - if severe infections were contracted could permanently decrease sperm quality. Intake of various toxins from drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or medications can affect production and quality. Other factors like excessive exposure to heat or abnormally high temperature environments, and also physical knocks from sports and cycling can affect production and quality.

Factors Affecting Sperm Production and Quality

  1. Age cannot be avoided and production and quality will generally decrease with age. Other steps can be taken to help improve your ejaculations.
  2. Frequent masturbation or intercourse is thought to garnish your natural yoghurt production, and long periods of abstinence (abstaining from sex) may reduce overall quality of your ejaculation fluid.
  3. Keeping the erotic organs such as prostate and adrenal glands healthful, by avoiding infection, and consuming a healthful nutrient rich diet can help revitalize ejaculation volume.
  4. Avoiding excessive exposure to hot environments such as saunas, tanners, heated seats, or extra hot baths.
  5. Wearing protective pads to cushion blows where there is possible risk of physical blows such as during contact sports or whilst cycling.
  6. Reducing exposure to chemicals and toxins both ingested or inhaled, including tobacco smoke, alcohol and drugs. Some exposure to toxins may occur in the work environment.
  7. Avoiding medications or drugs that affect your hormone levels such as anabolic steroids.
  8. High caffeine content beverages and also soy products may affect sperm production and quality in a negative way.
  9. Exposure to electro magnetic waves from telecommunication or computing devices may mutilate sperm structure and hence quality.
  10. Lack of physical exercise and long periods of stagnation like sitting down most of the day.
  11. Dehydration or lack of fluid intake. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  12. Not eating heathily. Eating lots of fruit can improve ejaculation and sperm health.

The level of damage any one of these factors imposes on sperm production and quality will vary, with some more damaging than others, and exposure to all of them consistently will have a greater impact on seminal fluid health and ejaculation volume. The health of the procreative organs is likely to have the greatest impact because these organs produce semen. These tiny unseen organs located somewhere behind the groin are vital for producing semen. Organs like the prostate and adrenal glands can be kept healthy with a balance of nutrients and minerals to help maintain better functioning, and so obese people with unhealthy diets experience less jubilant ejaculations. The mineral zinc is paramount to keeping procreative organs healthy and to help them function properly so a zinc deficiency can cause problems. Some foods for zinc intake include oysters, lobsters, crabs and red meats which contain high levels of zinc. Other foods include various nuts and seeds, with pumpkin seeds especially good, and various grains.

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