will using pills Boost my Cock size?

Using pills will have some good results and will engorge your cock with more blood, making it appear fatter and plumper than usual. The pills will vastly enhance flow of blood into the cock making your erections harder. Just having a rock hard cock will make your erection ¼ inch bigger compared to a soft limp cock. Having more big hard boners will eventually flesh out your cock wall muscles, because the fibrous tissue is very elastic, and the muscles will regrow new cells replacing old tissues, having been accommodated from the stretching, and the vasodilating effect of the pills expands vessels more so allowing increased blood flow into the cock causing bigger fatter erections. So it is of utmost importance to take the pills daily in order to ensure blood flow and to take the nutrients your penis needs to grow.

Taking the pills will also enhance your performance to a new level, develop blood flow, and will magnify your erections, it is recommended to take the pills for 6-12 months for maximum results.

After taking pills and doing the jelqing exercises for 6-12 months, your penis should step-up in size signficantly both in length and girth.

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